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Soap Opera Stars March 1982
March 1982

Sneak Peeks, news and candid photos featuring
Robin Eisenman...Patty Davis, Peter Strauss, Maureen Anderman & Frank Converse...Christine Jones...John Gabriel...John McCafferty

Interview with Rick Springfield of General Hospital
6 candid photos

Show Stoppers - General Hospital, news/gossip and candid photos of
Anthony Geary...Tristan Rogers & Sharon Wyatt...Stuart Damon and wife

Interview with Tristan Rogers of General Hospital
Full-Page Interview; candid inset photo with wife & a Cover Shot

Tune Into Tomorrow - 6-pages of predictions and candid photos featuring
John Wesley Shipp & Marsha Clark...Brynn Thayer...Lisby Larson...Mark Arnold & Lori Loughlin...Gail Rae Carlson & husband...Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth Hayes...Taylor Miller...Marie Masters & Robert Lipton...John Gabriel...Doug Stevenson & Marcia McCabe...James Pritchett & Lydia Bruce...Victoria Mallory & husband

Show Stoppers - Guiding Light, news/gossip and candid photos of
Maeve Kinkead...Greg Beecroft...Jennifer Cooke...John Wesley Shipp

Interview with Michael Tylo of Guiding Light
2-pages; 3 candid photos, including co-star Lisa Brown

Interview with Dennis Cole of The Young & The Restless
2-pages; 2 candid photos

Mini-Exit Interview with Beverlee McKinsey of Texas
Half-Page; candid inset photo with husband

The Letter Box, fan mail and candid photos featuring
Nancy Frangione...Robert S. Woods & Clint Ritchie

Show Stoppers - One Life To Live, news/gossip and candid photos of
Andrea Evans...Wayne Massey...Dorian Lopinto...Taina Elg

Interview with Cusi Cram of One Life To Live
2-pages; 4 candid photos

Show Stoppers - All My Children, news/gossip and candid photos of
Carol Burnett...Darnell Williams...Katherine Gene Kamhi...Candice Earley

Full-Page Advertisement for the first recording album release of GL star
John Wesley Shipp
Order form; candid inset photo & a shot of the album cover

Interview with All My Children co-stars
Dorothy Lyman & Kim Delaney
Full-Page Interview; candid inset photos of each

Show Stoppers - Edge of Night, news/gossip and candid photos of
Joel Crothers...Lisa Sloan...Catherine Bruno...Lois Kibbee and mother

Interview with Lori Loughlin of Edge of Night
Full-Page Interview; 3 candid photos

Show Stoppers, Days Of Our Lives, news/gossip and candid photos of
Suzanne Rogers...Lane Davies...Robert Alda...Joe Gallison & wife

Full-Page Advertisement for the new hit album by GL star
Tom Nielsen and The Parker Brothers
Order form; candid inset photo

Show Stoppers - Texas, news/gossip and candid photos of
Jim Poyner...Beverlee McKinsey...Caryn Richman & Jack Coleman...Randy Hamilton

Show Stoppers - Another World, news/gossip and candid photos of
Gail Brown...Douglass Watson...Linda Borgeson...Taro Meyer

Interview with Chris Rich of Another World
Full-Page Interview; candid inset photo, muscle t-shirt, & a Cover Shot

Interview with Gary Hudson of As The World Turns
Full-Page Interview; 2 candid photos

Soaps Alive! 2-page article with candid photos featuring
Anthony Geary...Rick Porter...Vasili Bogazianos, Taylor Miller & Dan Casey...Jacklyn Zeman...Carla Borelli...Doug Stevenson

Show Stoppers - As The World Turns, news/gossip and candid photos of
Dana Delaney...Peter Reckell...Lisa Denton...Linda Dano

Show Stoppers - Search For Tomorrow, news/gossip and candid photos of
Sherry Mathis...Rod Arrants...Patsy Pease...Maureen Anderman

Interview with Shawn Stevens of Search For Tomorrow
Full-Page Interview; 2 candid photos

Show Stoppers - The Young & The Restless, news/gossip & candid photos of
Melody Thomas...Lilibet Stern...Steven Ford...David Hasselhoff

Interview with Ernie Townsend of Edge of Night
Full-Page Interview; 2 candid photos

Show Stoppers - Ryan's Hope, news/gossip and candid photos of
Nancy Addison Altman...Karen Morris-Gowdy...Roscoe Born...John Gabriel and wife

Show Stoppers - The Doctors, news/gossip and candid photos of
Kathy Glass...Ashby Adams...Amy Ingersoll...James Pritchett

Last Looks, candid photos at assorted events, featuring
Kin Shriner...Eileen Fulton...Jack Coleman


Interview with Rick Springfield (Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital) New Album from John Wesley Shipp (Kelly Nelson on Guiding Light)

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