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Soap Opera's Greatest Stories November 1981
Soap Opera's
November 1981

Daytime's Missing Persons, 2-page article with candid photos featuring
Michael Corbett...Terry Davis & Tony Craig...Erika Slezak...Lenore Kasdorf...Roberta Leighton...Susan Keith

All My Children: Mother's Little Helper
Peg English had a strange way of showing love for her daughter - she made Brooke a pawn in her deadly drug smuggling scheme, 3-page article with candid photos of
Patricia Barry...Julia Barr & Richard Shoberg...Louis Edmonds & Ruth Warrick

After Five Years On All My Children, Julia Barr Is Going Hollywood
Full-Page Article, half-page candid inset photo

AMC: Inside Daisy Cortlandt
She calls herself Monique Jonvil...but her new identity can't hide the secrets of her past forever, 2-page article with candid photos featuring
Gillian Spencer...Taylor Miller...James Mitchell

Another World: The Man Who Knew Too Much
Jordon Scott had the goods on everybody in his little black book and Blaine wasn't the only one willing to kill him to get it, 3-page article with candid photos of
J. Kenneth Campbell...Laura Malone...Chris Rich...Ray Liotta

Another World: Feathering Their Love Nest
Sally & Leigh set up light housekeeping to see if their young love can last, full-page article with two candid photos of
Christopher Knight & Jennifer Runyon

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow with Susan Keith (ex-Cecile, AW)
Full-Page Interview, candid inset photo

As The World Turns: Annie's Awakening
Annie knew she'd never hold the child in her arms but she wanted to feel the gift of life, 2-page article with candid photos featuring
Julianne Moore...Frank Runyeon & Rita Walter

News Bulletin, individual articles with candid photos featuring
Lori Loughlin...Laura Malone...Aki Aleong...Melinda Fee...Taylor Miller...Clint Ritchie, Phil Carey and wife, Colleen...Jacklyn Zeman, Gail Carlson & Jane Elliot...Jane Badler...Kathleen Cullen and husband, Tim

Days Of Our Lives: Reunited In Love
Maybe this time Doug and Julie can find the happiness they lost the first time around, 3-page article, multiple candid photos of co-stars
Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth Hayes

Days Of Our Lives: Hot To Trot
Renee isn't torn between the two men in her life - she wants them both!
Full-Page Article with candid photos of
Philece Sampler, Josh Taylor and Paul Keenan

The Doctors: Unholy Union
The man Nola hates the most may be the only one who can save her life, 4-page article with multiple candid photos of
Kim Zimmer...Glenn Corbett...David O'Brien

Edge Of Night: The Cutting Edge
An innocent visit to a surgeon's clinic almost cost Nancy her life!
3-page article, multiple candid photos of co-stars
Ann Flood and Forrest Compton

Edge Of Night: They Were Great Scotts!
But now Terry Davis & Tony Craig have left Edge to be just plain terrific on their own, full-page article, large candid photo together

General Hospital: Another Fine Mess You've Got Us Into!
4-page article, multiple candid photos featuring co-stars
Anthony Geary & Genie Francis

General Hospital: She Aims To Please
Noah comes from high society, Bobbi's' from the wrong side of the tracks - but she'll do anything to make their love work, full-page article, large candid shot of
Rick Springfield & Jacklyn Zeman

General Hospital: For Love, Or Money?
Does Alan love Susan enough to give up his claim to the Quartermaine fortune? Full-Page Article, two candid photos featuring
Gail Carlson and Stuart Damon & Leslie Charleson

Guiding Light: He Loves Me...He Loves Me Not
Morgan dreams of the day she'll be back in Kelly's arms - but she has to learn to believe in herself first, 4-page article, multiple candid photos of co-stars
Kristen Vigard & John Wesley Shipp

Guiding Light: The High Cost Of Loving
For a few moments of stolen passion, Alan Spaulding may lose Hope forever
Full-Page Article, candid shot of Chris Bernau & Elvera Roussel

Wishful Thinking with departing Guiding Light star Lenore Kasdorf
Full-Page Interview, two candid photos

One Life To Live: Mrs. Buchanan Is Missing
Asa wouldn't let anyone keep him from marrying Sam, not even his wife!
3-page article, multiple candid photos featuring
Phil Carey...Dorian Lopinto...Robert S. Woods...Taina Elg

A Happy Accident with Ken Meeker of One Life To Live
2-page Interview, large half-page candid photo

A Blessing In Disguise with Erika Slezak of One Life To Live
Full-Page Article on her maternity leave, candid inset photo with husband & baby

Ryan's Hope: The Case Of The Incredible Cad
Two-timing Michael Pavel pushed his luck too far and ended up a dead man!
3-page article with candid photos featuring
Michael Corbett...Susan Keith...Michael Levin...Roscoe Born

For Whom Bell Tolls with former Ryan's Hope star Michael Corbett
Full-Page Interview on being killed off the show, two candid photos

Search For Tomorrow: Cruise To Nowhere
Liza didn't care where she was going as long as it was far away from the heartache of losing her son, 4-pages with multiple candid photos of co-stars
Sherry Mathis & Rod Arrants

The Young and The Restless: Nowhere To Hide
Casey left town to escape the terrifying night Nikki had to fight off the madman by herself! 2-page article with multiple candid shots of co-stars
Roberta Leighton & Melody Thomas (full-page photo)

Y&R: This Child Is Mine!
Sister turned against sister in a desperate battle for the son they both love, 2-page article with candid photos featuring
Victoria Mallory...Jaime Lyn Bauer...Tom Ligon...Dennis Cole

Music To Rock The Cradle By with Victoria Mallory of Y&R
Full-Page Article on the impending birth of her first child, two candid photos

Recruited For Stardom with Roberta Leighton of Y&R
She traded in her doctor whites for Stripes, her first film role since leaving Y&R, full-page article/interview, candid inset photo

Texas: A Heart Held Hostage
Jeb rescued Elena only to find her kidnapper had captured her love
3-page article with candid photos featuring
Kin Shriner...Caryn Richman...Tom Wiggin...Randy Hamilton

It Was A Very Good Year! with Catherine Hickland of Texas
Full-Page Article/Interview on leaving the show, large half-page photo


Interview with Michael Corbett (ex-Michael Pavel on Ryan's Hope) Interview with Roberta Leighton (ex-Casey on The Young and The Restless)

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VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

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