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Soap Opera's Greatest Stories March 1982
All General Hospital Issue
March 1982

She murdered her ex-lover, she was raped by her future lover, then stowed away on an ocean liner. These are just some of the escapades of Laura Baldwin - All American Girl!
4-page article; Full-Page Photo of co-stars
Genie Francis & Anthony Geary
Plus additional photos

I'll Love You Forever And A Day!
Laura thought she'd be with Scotty til the end of time, but it was a promise she just couldn't keep; 2-page article; 4 candid photos of co-stars
Genie Francis & Kin Shriner

GH Bonus Story - Last Dance At The Disco
5-page article; multiple screenshots featuring co-stars
Anthony Geary...Genie Francis...Kin Shriner...Jacklyn Zeman

Showdown With A Killer
While Hutch strums, Luke and Laura's Passion Burns
Will Their Love Be Snuffed Out?
Ten (10) Page Article with multiple candid photos & screenshots featuring
Anthony Geary...Genie Francis...Kin Shriner...Jacklyn Zeman...Denise Alexander...Rick Moses

Everbody Wants A Piece Of The Rock
Oh, what a wicked web we weave when it's the Ice Princess we need to retrieve; 3-page article with candid photos of
Anthony Geary...Genie Francis...Tristan Rogers...Andre Landzaat

Mission Impossible: Luke, Laura and Scorpio
They're Out To Save The World or Die Trying
4-page article; candid photos including
Anthony Geary...Genie Francis...Tristan Rogers...Thaao Penghlis...Andre Landzaat...Chris Robinson & Denise Alexander

On Their Island Of Love
Danger and death stalked their every move, but Luke & Laura's Passion Still Flamed
3-page article with screenshots featuring
Anthony Geary shirtless...Genie Francis...Tristan Rogers shirtless...Thaao Penghlis & Andre Landzaat

Love Letters to Anthony Geary
Full-Page of fan letters, large candid inset photo

Interview with Anthony Geary of General Hospital
"Don't Let Anyone Take Your Dreams Away"
Full-Page Photo and additional photos

Interview with Anthony Geary (Luke, GH) Interview with Genie Francis (Laura, GH)

Luke Is My Idol!
Millions of people love Tony Geary, so it's hardly surprising that many sports, film and prime-time TV stars also love 'looking at Luke', daytime's hottest star; 2-page article with candid photos featuring Geary and
Sammy Davis Jr...Liza Minnelli...Rick Cerone...Barbara Mandrell...Richard Dean Anderson

Interview with Genie Francis of GH
After a heart-to-heart talk with her parents, Genie Francis gets treated like a grown up at home..."They don't make my dating rules...and I don't disappoint them" - 3-pages; multiple large candid photos at home with her parents

Tears of joy streamed down her face. After ten years, she and her big sister were sharing a beautiful reunion they'll never forget.
"I Finally Met My Sister...And I Adore Her!"
Interview with Genie Francis
5-pages; multiple candid photos including Francis and
Gloria Monty...Josh Taylor & Jed Allan....Richard Dean Anderson...Genie's parents & brother

"I've Given Up A Lot For General Hospital"
The Real Reason Genie Francis Is Leaving The #1 Soap!
Full-Page Photo and additional photos

Interview with Tristan Rogers of GH
After living life in the fast lane as the disco king of London, Tristan Rogers finally realized..."I was looking for love in all the wrong places"
4 candid photos, including wife, Barbara

"Two Oceans and Thousands Of Miles Couldn't Keep Us Apart"
3-page interview with Tristan Rogers
6 candid photos, including wife

Interview with Rick Moses of GH
The Battle Between Luke and Hutch: Tony Geary Fights The Challenge Of Rising Star Rick Moses
3-pages, 3 large candid photos of Moses, additional candid shots of
Anthony Geary & Genie Francis

Magical Mystery Man
Full-Page Interview with Rick Moses
Large candid inset photo

"You Haven't Done Much Kissing, Have You?"
That's what Kin Shriner told Genie Francis when they did their first love scene
Interview with Shriner; 5-pages; multiple candid photos with Francis

"I Can't Do A Soap Opera!"
Kin Shriner told his agent. But now he's learning to enjoy stardom and the fun that goes with it!
2-page interview; 6 candid photos

Luke and Laura's Hearts Become One As They Take Their Vows
and Begin A Life Of Love Together Pledging...
"I"ll Love You Til The End Of Time"
5-pages; multiple candid photos & screenshots featuring
Anthony Geary...Genie Francis...Rick Springfield & Jacklyn Zeman...Chris Robinson & Denise Alexander...Liz Taylor


Interview with Tristan Rogers (Robert Scorpio on General Hospital) Kin Shriner (Scotty, GH)

Mailing Label? - NO
76-pages in VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

  • 3-82 Soap Opera's Greatest Stories ALL LUKE & LAURA
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