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Sept 30, October 2, 5 & 6 - 1998
Running Time - 4 hours

Highlights include:

  • Emily hires Molly at the station after she threatens to expose Emily's affair with Tom
  • Lily and David are missing and everyone is searching
  • ...except Julia and Holden, who think they killed David and buried his body

  • Lily is alive - alone - and hallucinating
  • Margo finds out Tom was with Emily the night she miscarried
  • Eddie is caring for Georgia after her surgery, but sees his dream-girl at the park

  • James informs Holden that he found Lily and took her to the hospital
  • Tom confides in Bob that he cheated on Margo with Emily
  • Kim informs Emily that the other anchors will not work with Molly

  • Carly goes berserk when Rosanna won't give her money
  • Emily arranges for Tom to co-anchor a show with Molly, so she can be alone with him afterward
  • James is very suspicious of Holden and Julia...and Molly

Complete and Uncut; 4 episodes featuring co-stars

  • Kelley Menighan-Hensley (Emily)
  • Lesli Kay (Molly)
  • Ellen Dolan (Margo)
  • Scott Holmes (Tom)

  • Michael Park (Jack)
  • Annie Parisse (Julia)
  • Nathaniel Marston (Eddie)
  • Jaime Nicole Dudney (Georgia)

  • Elizabeth Hubbard (Lucinda)
  • Anthony Herrera (James)
  • Martha Byrne (Lily)
  • Jon Hensley (Holden)

  • Scott DeFreitas (Andy)
  • Kathryn Hays (Kim)
  • Don Hastings (Bob)
  • Terri Conn (Katie)

  • Maura West (Carly)
  • Yvonne Perry (Rosanna)

Video and audio quality are VERY GOOD.

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  • As The World Turns DVD 414 (1998) ELLEN DOLAN-MAURA WEST
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