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July 1994
Running Time - 3 hours

Highlights include:

  • Carl, experiencing memory loss, thinks he's in love with Iris
  • Jake and Paulina jump off a cliff
  • Tomas and Angela battle for custody of their little girl

  • Sharlene (Kate) gets loaded and heads out to a bar
  • Josie poses as a hooker to try and find her mother
  • Paulina & Jake seek refuge in an abandoned cabin, but someone is watching

  • A stranger arrives to seduce Ian
  • Brett confides in Frankie that the doctor found a lump in her breast
  • Ryan rescues Paulina and Jake and shoots Iris' hitman

Complete and Uncut; 3 episodes featuring co-stars

  • Diego Serrano - Tomas
  • Robyn Griggs - Maggie
  • Brandy Brown - Angela
  • Anna Holbrook - Sharlene/Kate

  • David Forsyth - John
  • Charles Keating - Carl
  • Victoria Wyndham - Rachel
  • Carmen Duncan - Iris

  • Tom Eplin - Jake
  • Judi Evans - Paulina
  • Paul Michael Valley - Ryan
  • Alice Barrett - Frankie

  • Matt Crane - Matt
  • Anna Stuart - Donna
  • Mark Pinter - Grant
  • Christine Tucci - Amanda

  • Grayson McCouch - Morgan
  • Colleen Dion - Brett
  • Amy Carlson - Josie
  • Julian McMahon - Ian

Video and audio quality are VERY GOOD.

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  • Another World DVD 268a (1994) JUDI EVANS-CHARLES KEATING
    Product Introduced:  10/03/2010
    Last Modified:  10/21/2023
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