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Soap Opera Stars August 1981
August 1981

Sneak Peeks, news and candid photos featuring
Robin Strasser & Michael Millius...Anthony Herrera & Colleen Zenk...Mary Murray & Kristen Meadows...Phil Clark...Robert Lipton & Sonia Petrovna...Patricia Estrin & Rod Arrants...Frank Runyeon, Rita Walter and spouses...Ann Flood, Forrest Compton and wife, Jeanne...Bradley Bliss

Learning To Fight Back - Days Of Our LIves
The rape of Marlena was one of the most demanding scenes - physically and emotionally - Deidre Hall has ever played
Full-Page Article; 3 photos

Showstoppers for General Hospital
News/gossip and candid photos featuring
Susan Pratt...Bianca Ferguson...Richard Sarradet...Tristan Rogers

"You've Got A Friend"
Interview with General Hospital co-stars
Kin Shriner & Leslie Charleson
2-pages; 5 candid photos

Showstoppers for One Life To Live
News/gossip and candid photos featuring
Mary Murray...Judith Light...Kristen Meadows...Robert Gribbin

When The Whole World Thinks You're Evil, Can You Find Someone To Love You? Candid photos and remarks featuring
Lisa Brown...Laura Malone...Shell Kepler...Philece Sampler

Showstoppers for Days Of Our LIves
News/gossip and candid photos featuring
Wesley Eure...Richard Guthrie...Patty Weaver...Deidre Hall

"Sometimes You Have To Learn To Make It On Your Own"
Interview with Taylor Miller of All My Children
2-pages; 4 candid photos, including co-star Peter Bergman

A Noteworthy Marriage
Interview with Lanna Saunders of Days Of Our Lives
2-pages; 2 candid photos, including husband Larry

"Our Love Survived The Greatest Test Of All!"
Interview with Tom Ligon of The Young & The Restless
3-pages; 5 candid photos with wife, Kate

Showstoppers for Another World
News/gossip and candid photos featuring
Susan Keith...Ray Liotta...Robert Gentry...Laura Malone

Two's Company!
Interview with Search For Tomorrow co-stars & real-life roommates
Doug Stevenson & Nancy Lepp
2-pages; 3 candid photos

Showstoppers for The Edge of Night
News/gossip and candid photos featuring
Ernie Townsend...Margo McKenna...Chris Goutman...Lori Loughlin

Showstoppers for As The World Turns
News/gossip and candid photos featuring
Eileen Fulton...Frank Runyeon...Janet Zarish...Peter Brouwer

Doug Sheehan Joins The God Squad
Half-Page Article on his new sitcom, Heaven Sent
Candid inset photo

Showstoppers for Guiding Light
News/gossip and candid photos featuring
Maeve Kinkead...Lenore Kasdorf...Michael Stark...Elvera Roussel

Hollywood Private Eye, news/gossip and candid photos featuring
Susan Seaforth Hayes...Suzanne Rogers and husband, Sam...Andre Landzaat...Terry Lester...David Winn and son, Travis...David Hasselhoff & Roberta Leighton...Lisa Lindgren and boyfriend, Jon...Paul Keenan...Eric Braeden & Meg Bennett

Showstoppers for Ryan's Hope
News/gossip and candid photos featuring
Michael Corbett...John Gabriel...Louise Shaffer...Kelli Maroney

Edge Of Night 25th Anniversary Bash in New York
Candid photos featuring
Marcia McCabe & Chris Goutman...Allen Fawcett and parents...Ann Flood & Jack Gilford

Showstoppers for Search For Tomorrow
News/gossip and candid photos featuring
Lisa Peluso...Marcia McCabe & Doug Stevenson...Patsy Pease

As The World Turns 25h Anniversary Party at Radio City Music Hall
Candid photos featuring
Anthony Herrera & Margaret Colin...Jacqueline Schultz & Larry Bryggman...William Johnstone, Eileen Fulton, Don MacLaughlin, Helen Wagner, Don Hastings, Kathryn Hays & James Douglas

Showstoppers for Texas
News/gossip and candid photos featuring
Randy Hamilton...Barbara Rucker...Kin Shriner

Hopelessly Devoted
Lovemates...Roommates...Or Just Friends!
Near Full-Page Article; large candid inset photo of
Peter Bergman & Christine Ebersole

"We Learned To Be Honest With Each Other"
Interview with Paul Tinder of Another World
2-pages; 3 candid photos

Showstoppers for All My Children
News/gossip and candid photos featuring
Julia Barr...Lizbeth MacKay...Richard Shoberg

Soaps Alive!
2-page article on assorted fan events with candid photos featuring
Bert Kramer...Taylor Miller & Robert S. Woods...Richard Dean Anderson & Brynn Thayer...Nick Benedict and fiance...Denny Albee

Showstoppers for The Young & The Restless
News/gossip and candid photos featuring
Wings Hauser...Brenda Dickson...David Winn...Melody Thomas

You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down
In his stunning autobiography, Eight Years in Another World, writer Harding Lemay reveals the backstage scheming that forced Jacquie off the show...and on to greater glory on One Life To Live
4-page article with candid photos including Lemay and
Paul Rauch...Jacqueline Courtney...Robin Strasser...George Reinholt...Victoria Wyndham

Showstoppers for The Doctors
News/gossip and candid photos featuring
Kim Zimmer...Lydia Bruce...Alec Baldwin...Jim Pritchett

Hot Plot Of The Month: Texas - Elena
Article; large candid inset photo of star Caryn Richman

Last Looks, articles and candid photos featuring
Clint Ritchie & Candice Earley...Nick Benedict...Kin Shriner & Caryn Richman


Interview with Kin Shriner & Leslie Charleson (Scotty & Monica on General Hospital) Interview with Taylor Miller (Nina on All My Children)

VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

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