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Afternoon TV August 1971
August 1971

Soap Bubbles, news and candid photos featuring
Peter Galman...Ron Harper & Diana Van Der Vlis...Patricia Bruder...Andrea Marcovicci...Teri Keane...William Johnstone...Mandel Kramer...Marie Wallace...Jane Rose...Richard Hatch...Mary Fickett...Rachel Ames

If You've Got Something To Say...Say It! Fan letters and candid photos featuring
George Reinholt...Emily McLaughlin...Lydia Bruce

A Funny Thing Happened...2-pages with candid photos and stories featuring
Jack Stafford & Joanna Miles...Gregory Abels

John Beradino Swore He'd Nevery Marry Again, And Now...Here Comes The Groom!
Article, Full-Page Photo with wife, Marjorie, plus one additional photo together

A Woman's Home Is Her Castle...And We Help Helen Wagner Furnish Hers!
Interview, 5-pages with eight candid photos

We Pay A Hospital Visit To Phoebe Dorin (Penny Wade on ATWT)
6-page Interview, nine candid photos

Eileen Fulton, How Does Your Garden Grow?
For one thing, it grows on the 29th floor in the middle of Manhattan
4-pages, Full-Page Photo plus six candid photos in her garden

Interview with Ed Winter of Somerset
6-pages, Full-Page Photo plus six additional photos with family

Interview with Erika Slezak of One Life To Live
5-pages, Full-Page Photo (head-to-toe shot), plus three additional photos

Interview with Nat Polen of One Life To LIve
6-pages, Full-Page Photo plus four additional photos playing golf

A Family At Last!
Love Of Life characters Sally & Jamie became man and wife in the most wonderful wedding of the year
3-page article, six candid photos featuring co-stars
Cathy Bacon & Ray Wise

Love On The Run...
Ray Girardin and his wife live on a Monday-thru-Friday merry-go-round
4-pages, ten candid photos together, plus a Cover Shot for Girardin

A Sunday Kind Of Love with Shelby Hiatt of General Hospital
5-pages, Interview, 2 Full-Page Photos with husband, Marty, four additional photos
Plus a Cover Shot with co-star, Ray Girardin

Interview with Lori March of The Secret Storm
4-pages, Full-Page Photo, plus one more photo of husband, Alexander Scourby

Beverly Garland - My Three Hair-Do's
2-page spread getting her hair done, eleven candid photos

Interview with actress Lily Tomlin
4-pages, large half-page photo, plus five additional photos


Interview with Erika Slezak (Victoria Lord Riley on One Life To Live) Interview with Lily Tomlin

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VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

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