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Inside TV June 1972
June 1972

We Interrupt This Program...articles and candid photos featuring
Jon Voight Weds!...Susan St. James Expecting!...Elvis Meets With President Nixon!

It's A Fact, news and candid photos featuring
James Garner and wife, Lois...Shirley Jones and her stand-in, Betty Contu and husband, Fred...Peggy Lipton...Glenn Ford & Victor Campos...Connie Stevens...John Davidson & Phyllis Diller...Ginger Rogers & Sybil Brand...Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland and baby daughter, Zuleika...Tony Randall and wife...Ernest Borgnine...Robert Stack & Rosemary Bowe...Jimmy Durante and wife...Malcolm McDowell...Dan Rowan...Henry Fonda and wife...Rod Sterling...Cher & Sonny Bono...Judy Strangis...Lita Baron & George Burns

Inside Country Music, news and candid photos featuring
Roy Acuff...Tom T. Hall...Alex Harvey...Don Herron...Guy Drake...Gordie Tapp...Diana Trask...The Stonemans

How Marriage Has Made Michael Cole Meek and Mild!
What His Wife Has Taught Peggy Lipton (The Mod Squad)
4-pages, Full-Page Photo of Cole with his wife, Paula, plus another large candid shot of Lipton

Why Lucille Ball Can't Forgive Or Forget The Older Women In Her Son's Life
5-pages, large half-page photos of both Lucille and her son, Desi Arnaz Jr.
Plus candid pics of Kim Darby, Patty Duke and Liza Minnelli

The Secret Life Of Robert Young!
Why He Keeps His Women Away From The World
4-page article, near full-page photo with his wife, Betty

Shirley Jones' Heart Felt Prayer: For David's Sake, Don't Let My Marriage Fail!
3-page article, large candid inset photo with her son, David Cassidy
Plus two additional photos with children and husband, Jack Cassidy

David Frost Reveals How Loving A Black Woman Has Changed His Life
3-pages, Full-Page Photo with girlfriend, Diahann Carroll

Dinah Shore's Love Tricks! How She Keeps Burt Reynolds From Dating Women His Own Age
5-pages, Full-Page Photo together plus one additional photo of each

The Tragic Side Of TV's Funniest Man: How Flip Wilson Overcame Disaster Three Times
4-pages, two large half-page photos plus two additional pics

Cover Story: All In The Family
Large Half-Page Photos and 2-page Interviews with both
Carroll O'Connor and Jean Stapleton
Plus The Cover Shot with co-stars, Sally Struthers & Rob Reiner

The Inside Story Of Jack Lord and Marie Lord's Mutual Admiration Society
4-pages, Full-Page Photo together

Why James Brolin's Wife Told Him: You Can Leave After The Baby Is Born
4-pages, Full-Page Photo together plus two additional photos

Daytime Data, news and candid photos featuring
Ron Tomme...Peter Brown...Emily McLaughlin...Peter Ratray and wife, Anne...George Reinholt...Richard Hatch

Eileen Fulton's Formula For A Happy Marriage: No Babies For Us!
5-pages, Full-Page Photo plus one more large candid pic with husband, Danny

Inside TV Throws A Party! Large candid photos featuring
Ben Murphy & Judy Strangis...Maureen Reagan...Marty Allen, Joyce Becker & Madelyn Rhue...Aaron Kincaid, Joyce Becker, Nolan Miller & Maureen Reagan...Don Matheson & Deanna Lund...Dave Madden, Joyce Becker and friend...Ruth Buzzi, husband Bill Keko and their kitten

Chad Everett Sweepstakes...51 Winners In All!
Full-Page Feature, entry ballot, large shot of his new album


Why Jim Brolin's Wife Told Him: You Can Leave After The Baby Is Born! Interview with Eileen Fulton of As The World Turns

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