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Soap Opera Magazine December 17, 1991
December 17, 1991

Cover Story: 3 Men You Love To Hate
Large Candid Photos and Interviews with all, featuring
J. Eddie Peck, Daniel McVicar and Gordon Thomson
Plus The Cover Shot

Out & About, candid photos at assorted events, featuring
Ricky Paull Goldin...Teresa Blake & Cady McClain...Stephen Schnetzer & Susan Anton...Crystal Carson...Christopher Cass...Valarie Pettiford...Scott Reeves, Kimberlin Brown & Heather Tom...Eric Braeden, Merv Griffin & Eva Gabor...Ronn Moss

What's New, articles and Large Candid Photos featuring

    Amado's Murderer Unmasked on Santa Barbara
  • John Callahan
    Janet Talks & Trevor Goes Beserk on All My Children
  • Kate Collins
    Bob & Kim Marry Again on As The World Turns
  • Don Hastings & Kathryn Hays

Rollerblading For Charity, candid photos featuring
Lisa Brown...Melissa Hayden & Geraldo Rivera...Colleen Quinn & Keith Pruitt...William Christian...James DePaiva & Misty Rowe...Yasmine Bleeth, Jessica Tuck & Grace Phillips near full-page photo together, head-to-toe shot...Amelia Marshall...Ricky Paull Goldin & Bleeth

Soap Scoops for All My Children - News/gossip and candid photos of
Susan Lucci & husband...Candice Earley & fianc?...Scott Thompson Baker & wife

Soap Scoops for Another World - News/gossip and candid photos of
Linda Dano...Ricky Paull Goldin & Patrick Stuart...Stephen Schnetzer & Judi Evans

Advertisement for Another World
We know how far he'll go for money. But, how far will he go for love?
Full-Page Photo of star Tom Eplin

Soap Scoops for As The World Turns - News/gossip & candid photos of
Rex Smith & Mary Ellen Stuart...Ed Fry & Anne Sward...Jon Hensley

Recaps, articles and candid photos featuring
Kate Collins...James Kiberd...Brian Green...Anna Stuart...Eileen Fulton...Michael Swan...J. Eddie Peck...Deidre Hall...Ronn Moss...Katherine Kelly Lang...Anna Lee...John J. York...Mark Derwin...Robert S. Woods...Tonja Walker...Robert Tyler...Jessica Collins...Nina Arvesen...John Callahan...Peter Barton...Tracey E. Bregman

Soap Scoops for The Bold & The Beautiful - News/gossip & candid photos of
Bobbie Eakes...Schae Harrison, Todd McKee, John McCook & Colleen Dion

Sandra Ferguson's Fantasy Weekend
8 Candid Photos with husband, John (shirtless)

Soap Scoops for Days Of Our Lives - News/gossip and candid photos of
Wally Kurth...J. Eddie Peck...Crystal Chappell

Remember When...1 Year Ago on Y&R - Sheila Upstaged Pregnant Lauren
Article; candid inset photo of co-stars
Tracey E. Bregman & Peter Barton

Soap Scoops for General Hospital - News/gossip and candid photos of
Lynn Herring...John Stamos & Janine Turner...Michael Lynch & wife

Soap Scoops for Guiding Light - News/gossip and candid photos of
Tina Sloan...Jeff Phillips & Jocelyn Seagrave...Michael Zaslow

Frankly Speaking by Norma Connolly of General Hospital
'A Heart Attack Changed My Life For The Better'
Candid Inset Photo

Soap Scoops for Loving - News/gossip and candid photos of
Joseph Breen...Eric Woodall & Christopher Cass...Lauren-Marie Taylor

Soap Scoops for One Life To Live - News/gossip & candid photos of
Thom Christopher & cheerleaders...Ivana Trump

Interview with Paula Irvine of Santa Barbara
Full-Page Interview; 2 candid photos

Soap Scoops for Santa Barbara - News/gossip and candid photos of
Terri Garber...Jed Allan & Wanda DeJesus

'Children' In Toyland
AMC stars at FAO Schwartz in Manhattan signing autographs & meeting fans
Candid Photos featuring
James Mitchell...James Kiberd & Julia Barr...Jill Larson...Jean LeClerc...everyone photographed multiple times

Soap Scoops for The Young & The Restless - News/gossip, candid photos of
Scott Reeves...Christian LeBlanc...Kristoff St. John

Cause For A Song
Candid Photos of stars at recording studio putting together an album, featuring
Kate Linder...Heather Tom & Brenda Epperson...Nina Arvesen...Yasmine Bleeth, Ricky Paull Goldin & Bronwen Booth...Antony Alda & Shannon Sturges...Sharon Farrell, Anthony Pena, Kari Kupcinet & Christopher Templeton

Postcards From Spacecamp with Tommy Michaels of AMC
4 Candid Photos

Thank You for Your Love & Support by Macdonald Carey of DAYS
Full-Page Article/Interview; large candid inset photo surrounded by fan letters

Advertisement for Loving
Can tell you his feelings without saying a word. Believes life should be simple.
Hiding from a broken heart.
Full-Page Photo of star Robert Tyler


Rollerblading For Charity featuring Yasmine Bleeth Bob & Kim Marry Again on ATWT

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  • 12-17-91 Soap Opera Magazine J. EDDIE PECK-GORDON THOMSON
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    Last Modified:  01/15/2022
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