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Daytime TV - October 1979
October 1979

The Latest News, gossip and candid photos featuring
Joe Lambie...Sherry Mathis, Candice Earley, Ruth Warrick & Douglass Watson...Peter Gatto and wife, Pamela...Rod Arrants & Patricia Estrin...Don Stewart...Lee Patterson...Gerald Anthony & Brynn Thayer...Kelly Wood...Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth Hayes...Karen Morris...John Beradino & Rachel Ames...Count Stovall...Peter Hansen and wife, Betty...Jim Pritchett...Susan Lucci...Lenore Kasdorf, Maureen Garrett & Henri Chevrier...Gitanna Tolksdorf and baby daughter

Baseball Beauties, Full-Page Article with candid photos of
Deborah Hobart...Barbara Rucker...Patricia Bruder...Dennis Romer & Barbara Rucker all playing softball

Interview with Jed Allan of Days Of Our Lives
4-pages; Full-Page Photo with wife, Toby, plus five additional photos
And a Cover Shot

Interview with Victoria Mallory of The Young & The Restless
4-pages; Large Candid Inset Photo plus two additional photos

Memories Are Made Of This...The Guiding Light
2-page spread of photos from 1962-present featuring
Ernest Graves & Nancy Malone...Erik Howell & Fran Myers...Ellen Demming, Lynne Adams & Stefan Schnabel...Fran Myers, Lynn Deerfield, Maureen Siliman, Lynne Adams & Caroline McWilliams...Janet Grey & Stephen Yates...Yates, Tom O'Rourke & Millette Alexander (on the cover)

Daytime TV Story Bonus - General Hospital
"Hold Me In Your Arms Again"
Lesley had hurt Rick so much. Now she just wanted a chance to be a real wife again.
4-page article; Large Candid Inset Photo featuring co-stars
Denise Alexander & Chris Robinson
Plus additional photos, including Stuart Damon & Leslie Charleson and Genie Francis

Interview with Marcia McCabe of Search For Tomorrow
3-pages; large candid inset photo

Interview with Dorothy Lyman of Another World
4-pages; large candid inset photo plus two additional photos

Interview with Lee Patterson of One Life To Live
4-pages; large candid inset photo plus three additional photos
And a Cover Shot

Daytime TV Story Bonus - All My Children
A Dream That Turned To Sorrow
Donna desperately wanted to give Chuck a child of their own. Then, she knew he'd never leave her. But it was an empty dream...
4-page Article; near Full-Page Photo featuring co-stars
Richard Van Vleet, Candice Earley & Nancy Frangione
Additional photos including Roscoe Orman...Matthew Cowles & Kate Dezina...Ruth Warrick & Hugh Franklin

Interview with talk-show host, Mike Douglas
3-pages; five candid photos with wife and children

Inside Hollywood, news/gossip and candid photos featuring
Steve March, Josh Taylor & Richard Guthrie...Eileen Barnett...Roberta Leighton & Joe LaDue...Genie Francis & David Comfort...Brenda Dickson and mother (plus a Cover Shot with husband, Bob)...Joyce Jameson & Richard Dean Anderson...Tom Ligon and wife, Kathy...Emily McLaughlin and son, Bob...Jeanne Cooper & Bill Glenn...Beau Kayzer, Victoria Mallory, Bill Hayes, Susan Seaforth Hayes & Richard Dean Anderson...Leslie Charleson...Rosemary Forsyth

It's Hard Being A Black Actor On Soaps
4-page article with candid photos featuring
Ellen Holly...Al Freeman Jr...Irving Lee...Todd Davis...John Danelle & Pat Dixon

Soap Opera Festival
3-pages of news of assorted fan events with candid photos featuring
Erika Slezak...Douglass Watson...Val Dufour

Interview with Ann McCarthy of Love Of Life
3-pages; 3 candid photos

This Is My Dad
How these stars really feel about life with father
Candid photos and remarks featuring
Stefan Schnabel and wife...Erika Slezak & Walter Slezak...Beau Kayzer & Edmund Kayzer...Leslie Charleson...Josh Taylor...Don Stewart...Ann Flood


Interview with Jed Allan (Don Craig on Days Of Our Lives) Interview with Victoria Mallory (Leslie on The Young & The Restless)

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