Daytime TV - May 1973
May 1973

The Latest News, candid photos featuring
Audre Johnston and mother, Bertha...Sharon DeBord...Ann Flood and husband, Herb...Don Stewart & Sue Tremble...David O'Brien, Carolee Campbell & Thara Baker...Marie Masters and her twins...Alice Hirson...Ron Harper & Jennifer Warren...Hugh Franklin...Bob Clayton & Terry Lee Coffin...Dinah Shore & Burt Reynolds

A Night To Remember: Don Stewart's Opening-Night Smiles Hid A Heavy Heart
3-pages, three candid photos

Interview with John Clarke of Days Of Our Lives
5-pages, near Full-Page Photo with wife & kids, four additional photos and a Cover Shot

A Party With A New Look - The Secret Storm
5-page article on the show's 20th anniversary, candid party photos featuring
Marla Adams, Bernard Barrow and their spouses...Jacqueline Brookes...Eleanor Phelps...Sidney Walker...Stephanie Braxton & Gillian Houghton...David Ackroyd & Lynne Adams (plus a Cover Shot together)...Ellen Barber...Jamie Grover & Judy Safran...Lori March...Jada Rowland...David Gale...Bruce Sherwood

Interview with Brian Brownlee of Love Of Life
4-pages, Full-Page Photo, one more photo and a Cover Shot

Interview with Melinda Fee of The Guiding Light
6-pages, twelve candid photos, plus a Cover Shot

Mike Douglas Reveals: The Highlight Of My 11 Years On The Show
4-pages, five candid photos and a Cover Shot

Interview with Anna Stuart of The Doctors
4-pages, three large candid photos, plus a Cover Shot

Backstage At Search For Tomorrow
2-pages of candid photos, including
Millee Taggart...Peter Simon...Billie Lou Watt...Wendy Dunn...Tommy Norden...Ray Belleran...Anthony George (plus a Cover Shot)

Interview with Jill Harmon of As The World Turns
2-pages, two candid photos

Interview with Carmine Stipo of As The World Turns
3-pages, two candid photos

Return To Peyton Place- Everybody Has Fun At Cast's First Backstage Party
3-pages of candid party photos featuring
Joe Gallison, John Hoyt & Mary K. Wells...Ben Andrews & Evelyn Scott...Susan Brown & Pat Morrow...Kathy Glass & George Paris...Ron Russell...Gail Kobe, Mary K. Wells & Warren Stevens...Stacy Harris & Pat Morrow...Yale Summers and wife & son

Inside Hollywood, news and candid photos featuring
Pat Morrow and mother, Margaret...Emily McLaughlin, Shelby Hiatt & John Gabriel...Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth


Interview with John Clarke (Mickey Horton on Days Of Our Lives) Interview with Anna Stuart (Toni Ferra on The Doctors)

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VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

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