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February 6, 1979 issue of Soap Opera Digest
February 6, 1979

Glorious Yesterdays! Heavenly Todays! Your Favorite Soap Remembered
This Month: General Hospital
In-depth article with Full-Page Color Photos featuring
John Beradino & Rachel Ames and Kin Shriner & Jacklyn Zeman
Additional large photos throughout the article, including co-stars
Valerie Starrett & Craig Huebing

Interview with Peggy Cass of The Doctors
"Will The Real Peggy Cass Please Stand Up?"
6-pages; 5 large candid photos

Interview with Gail Ramsey of General Hospital
"I Enjoy Playing A Villainess"
4-pages; 2 large candid photos

Interview with Steve Carlson of General Hospital
"I'm A Survivor!"
4-pages; 2 large candid photos

Kin Shriner of General Hospital
"A Very Fast Moving Man"
2-pages; large candid inset photo

General Hospital Toasts Its Move
Large candid photos celebrating the show's move to another studio, featuring
Denise Alexander...Peter Hansen...Susan Brown...Stuart Damon & Brown...Kin Shriner & Dan Rooney...Alexander & Chris Robinson...Damon, Gloria Monty & Hansen

Days With The Hayes - Travel Time With Susan and Bill
5-pages; 5 candid photos featuring Days Of Our Lives co-stars
Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth Hayes

Synopses Section, multiple pages for each show with candid photos featuring
Tricia Pursley...Eric Conger...Rick Porter...Rebecca Hollen...Robert Lipton...Wesley Eure & Suzanne Zenor...Dorothy Fielding & Philip English...Larry Weber...Frances Fisher...Ann Williams...Craig Huebing...Angela Cheyne...Marcus Smythe...Rita Lloyd...Ann Spangler McCarthy & Lloyd Battista...John Aniston & Sherry Rooney...Jeffrey Pomerantz...Paul Joynt & Andrea Evans...Michael Levin...Jadrien Steele...Stacey Moran...Lewis Arlt...Jeanne Cooper & Joe LaDue...Jaime Lyn Bauer & John McCook

Interview At Home with Val Dufour
8 Large Candid Photos

The Young & The Restless Says Goodbye To A Friend
5-pages of large candid photos featuring
Julianna McCarthy & Carol Jones...Jeanne Cooper, Beau Kayzer & Erica Hope...Joe LaDue, Tom Ligon & Robert Colbert...Jack Stauffer, Victoria Mallory & Tom Ligon...Brenda Dickson & Robert Colbert & wife...John Conboy, David Hasselhoff & Lynne Topping...Cathy Abbi & K.T. Stevens...Julianna McCarthy & Karl Bruck...Brenda Dickson, Joe LaDue & Robert Colbert...Jack Stauffer, Victoria Mallory & Tom Ligon

Interview with Leslie Charleson of General Hospital
"The Woman Behind Dr. Monica Quartermaine"
Full-Page Color Photo and additional photo

Bonus Full-Page Color Pinup featuring GH star Genie Francis

The Cover Shot featuring GH co-stars
Richard Dean Anderson & Mary O'Brien


Leslie Charleson & Genie Francis of General Hospital

Mailing Label? - YES
VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

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