October 4, 2018

Best General Hospital Love Stories Of All Time
Special Collector's Edition

Decades Of Love (The 60's & 70's), individual articles and candid photos featuring

Emily McLaughlin & Roy Thinnes...Kin Shriner & Genie Francis...John Beradino & Rachel Ames...Peter Hansen & Susan Brown...Chris Robinson & Denise Alexander...David Lewis & Anna Lee...Richard Dean Anderson & Susan Pratt

My Romance - Stars Reflect On Their Characters' Love Lives
Candid photos and Full-Page Interviews with all, featuring

  • Tristan Rogers
  • Kelly Monaco
  • Kirsten Storms
  • Wally Kurth
  • Roger Howarth
  • Lynn Herring

Only You - Alumni Reflect On Their Signature Port Charles Pairing
Candid photos and Interviews featuring
Cari Shayne...Michael Sutton...David Wallace

Wedding March - Unforgettable Port Charles Nuptials
Individual articles and candid photos, including
Anthony Geary & Lisa Marie...Bianca Ferguson & Todd Davis...Jack Wagner & Kristina Wagner...Ian Buchanan & Finola Hughes...John Reilly & Sharon Wyatt...Stuart Damon & Lynn Herring...Maurice Benard & Sarah Brown...Kimberly McCullough & Jason Thompson...Julie Marie Berman & Dominic Zamprogna...many more

One For The Ages
A Timeline Of Luke and Laura's Epic Romance (1978-2018)
6-pages with multiple photos featuring co-stars
Anthony Geary & Genie Francis

Decades Of Love (The 80's), individual articles and candid photos featuring
Tristan Rogers & Emma Samms...John Reilly & Sharon Wyatt...Ian Buchanan & Finola Hughes...Jack Wagner & Kristina Wagner...Brad Maule & Hilary Edson...Tristan Rogers & Finola Hughes...Brad Maule & Jacklyn Zeman

Interview with Ian Buchanan & Finola Hughes (Duke & Anna)
Full-Page Photo together plus additional photos

Decades Of Love (The 90's), individual articles with candid photos featuring
Antonio Sabato Jr. & Cari Shayne...Maurice Benard & Vanessa Marcil...Jon Lindstrom & Lynn Herring...Rena Sofer & Wally Kurth...Steve Burton & Kimberly McCullough...Ingo Rademacher & Vanessa Marcil...Jonathan Jackson & Rebecca Herbst...Michael Sutton & Kimberly McCullough

Crossover Artists - These Actors Weren't Paired Up On GH Alone
Individual articles and candid photos featuring
Denise Alexander & Chris Robinson...Nancy Lee Grahn & Lane Davies...Mary Beth Evans & Stephen Nichols...Ted King & Laura Wright...Jason Cook & Kirsten Storms...Michael Easton & Kelly Monaco

Decades Of Love (The 00's), individual articles and candid photos featuring
Maurice Benard & Sarah Brown...Steve Burton & Rebecca Herbst...Steve Burton & Kelly Monaco...Bradford Anderson & Kirsten Storms...Natalia Livingston & Tyler Christopher...Scott Clifton & Lindze Letherman...Julie Marie Berman & Dominic Zamprogna...Jason Thompson & Kimberly McCullough

Decades Of Love (The 10's), individual articles and candid photos featuring
William deVry & Nancy Lee Grahn...Kirsten Storms & Ryan Paevey...Billy Miller & Kelly Monaco...Roger Howarth & Rebecca Herbst...Jon Lindstrom & Genie Francis

Addicted To Love - Sonny Corinthos
6-pages of screenshots from over the years featuring Maurice Benard
with all the ladies Sonny has loved

Last Look with David Lewis & Anna Lee (Edward & Lila)
Full-Page Photo together


Decades of Love with General Hospital

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