How To Use The Search Box

By default, the Search Box at the top of your screen is designed to search for your keywords in both titles AND descriptions and your search will extend to All Categories within the website. If you would like to narrow your search to a specific category or sub-category, please select from the Categories dropdown list provided under the Search Box.

If you would like to search in titles ONLY - please use the Advanced Search link in the Information box on the left side of your screen and be sure to deselect the Search In Descriptions field. This is a great way to search only for the name of a particular magazine. Like...Soap Opera Special or TV Day Stars.

If searching for material on your favorite actor:

Please type either their first or last name in the searchbox.

If searching for an actor whose name contains punctuation of any kind, such as:

  • Robert Kelker-Kelly
  • Tracey E. Bregman
  • Michael O'Leary
Simply type their first or last name into the searchbox, provided that their name is reasonably unique and not likely to be shared with another performer, such as

  • Kelker
  • Bregman
  • Leary
Do not use additional words when searching for your favorite performer, such as:

Kim Zimmer Actress or Kim Zimmer Guiding Light

This will only muddy your search may get zero results or only a fraction of what is really available. Search for the performer's name only. Click on a few item descriptions to get a feel for how they are written. We never refer to anyone as an actor or actress.

In the above example, simply type in Zimmer in the searchbox and you'll pull up everything we have on Kim Zimmer.

If you wish to see only those items which are currently available for purchase, please tick the box next to In Stock Only. Otherwise, your search will result in all items, In or Out of Stock, being displayed.

Do not search for the names of characters on soap operas. We rarely use character names in our item descriptions. Search only for the actor that plays the role.

Do not search for more than one actor's name at a time. For example, do not type in "Austin Peck & Christie Clark" in the searchbox. Search for only one name at a time. The fewer keywords used in your search, the more accurate and relevant your search returns will be.

All keywords used in your search will be highlighted in blue within the title and description of the items you view, which should significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to "read" an item description and find your keywords.

Using your web browser's back button, simply navigate back and forth between your search results screen and each item you select to view, and your keywords will be highlighted in the item description you click on.

If you feel the need to type in an actor's complete name (first and last), please put quotation marks around your keywords, like "Heather Tom" or "Doug Davidson"

Sometimes, quotation marks are necessary in order to get accurate search results. We use Heather Tom as an example because if you don't place quotation marks around her name, you will return results for Heather Tom AND

  • Tom Eplin
  • David Tom
  • Heather North

Be aware that the use of quotation marks will result in no keyword highlighting in your search results. So, please try to search with one word only. The keyword highlighting feature does make searching the site a whole lot easier!

If you have any questions, please email us at