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March 22, 23, 25 & 26, 1993
Running Time - 4 hours

Highlights include:

  • Bo accuses Luna of knowing who the drunk driver is that killed his wife
  • Renee is hiding Mortimer in Asa's barn
  • Alex wants to arrange an accident for Tina so she can have Cain to herself

  • Marty is infatuated with Andrew and trying to seduce him
  • Viki breaks Clint's heart by deciding she wants a divorce
  • Cord leaves his kids with Asa and goes to Texas to dig up dirt on Cain

  • Dorian runs a nasty tabloid cover story about Clint and Viki's breakup
  • Marty shows up drunk at Rodi's and catches Todd's attention
  • Tina threatens to kill Asa if he doesn't give her kids back to her

  • Clint dares Viki to fire him at the Banner
  • Dorian slaps Jason across the face...and he slaps her right back
  • Alex gets into Asa's mansion...dressed like Tina

Complete and Uncut; 4 episodes featuring co-stars

  • Susan Batten (Luna)
  • David Ledingham (Suede)
  • Robert S. Woods (Bo)
  • Hillary B. Smith (Nora)

  • Thom Christopher (Mortimer)
  • Patricia Elliott (Renee)
  • Phil Carey (Asa)
  • Tonja Walker (Alex)

  • Karen Witter (Tina)
  • Christopher Cousins (Cain)
  • Yasmine Bleeth (LeeAnn)
  • Mark Brettschneider (Jason)

  • Marilyn Chris (Wanda)
  • Kirk Geiger (Kevin)
  • Burke Moses (Bulge)
  • Laura Koffman (Cassie)

  • Susan Haskell (Marty)
  • Wortham Krimmer (Andrew)
  • Anna Holbrook (Sharlene)
  • James DePaiva (Max)

  • Erika Slezak (Viki)
  • Clint Ritchie (Clint)
  • Robin Strasser (Dorian)
  • Roy Thinnes (Sloan)

  • John Loprieno (Cord)
  • Roger Howarth (Todd)

Video and audio quality are VERY GOOD.

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  • One Life To Live DVD 212 (1993) TONJA WALKER-KAREN WITTER
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