Holiday Issue - 1981

The Latest News, candid photos featuring
Josh Taylor & Leslie Charleson kissing...Phil Clark, Rick Porter, Tom Wiggin & Chris Rich (wide-open shirt)...Randy Hamilton & Laura Malone...Randie Jean Davis...Ben Thomas, Ellie Greenwich & Ula Hedwig...Nicolette Goulet & Mark Arnold...Judy Lewis & Jane Elliot...Kathleen Cullen and husband, Tim...Jane Badler...Mark Goddard and son, Michael...Cusi Cram...Darnell Williams & Kasi Lemmonns...Lori Loughlin and mother...Jerry Lanning & Sherry Mathis...Ilene Kristen...Vana Tribbey...Anthony Geary...Mark Arnold, Allen Fawcett & Sonia Petrovna...Robert Alda and wife, Flora...Jerry Lanning & Pam Long

Christine Jones Takes You Backstage At One Life To Live In This Very Revealing Diary She Kept For Daytime TV, 3-pages, two candid photos

"He's The Only One Who Can Call Me Tracy"
Interview with Guiding Light star Jane Elliot
On her memories of working on General Hospital with co-star David Lewis
2-pages, candid photos of both

Interview with the real-life wife of General Hospital star Tristan Rogers
2-pages, large candid inset photo together

"I Couldn't Believe I Was Getting Married..."
Remarks from Guiding Light star Kristen Vigard on her character's wedding
Full-Page Feature, two candid color photos, including John Wesley Shipp

Well, A Girl Can't Stay Sweet 16 Forever!
Remarks from Edge Of Night star Lori Loughlin on turning 17
Full-Page Feature, two candid color photos

"Our Marriage Was Meant To Be"
Interview with Philece Sampler of Days Of Our Lives
2-pages, four candid color photos with husband, actor Brad Blaisdell

Interview with Patrick Skelton of All My Children
3-pages on his wife giving birth to their son, Travis
Five candid photos with his wife and children, two in color

Interview with Julie Ridley of As The World Turns
2-pages, two candid photos

Interview with Leah Ayres of The Edge Of Night
3-pages, four candid photos

Look Who's In Love, news and candid photos featuring
Dana Delaney & Treat Williams...Tom Wiggin & Sharon Burke...Chris Knight and girlfriend, Allison

Interview with Richard Shoberg of All My Children
3-pages, two candid photos, plus a shot of his wife, Vara

It's All In The Stars
An Astrologer Tells Texas How To Make Their Show A Hit
3-page Interview with professional astrologer Valerie Irving
Two candid photos of her with Tina Johnson and Kin Shriner

"I Married My Ex-Husband's Best Friend"
Interview with Melody Thomas of The Young and The Restless
3-pages, three candid photos, including her husband, Bob Shield

Inside Hollywood, news and candid photos featuring
Billy Moses...Anthony Geary & Richard Simmons...Gary Carpenter...Rick Springfield & Jacklyn Zeman...Sharon Wyatt...Jack Coleman & Gene Garber...Stephen Brooks & Brenda Benet...Gloria Loring and sons, Brennan & Robin

Soap Opera Festival, news on fan events with candid photos featuring
Josh Taylor, Leslie Charleson and fan...Alan Dysert, Robin Strasser & Joyce Becker...Jed Allan and wife, Toby


Interview with the real-life wife of General Hospital star Tristan Rogers I Married My Ex-Husband's Best Friend with Melody Thomas of Y&R

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