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Halloween of 1997
Running Time - 2 hours

Complete and Uncut; 2 episodes featuring co-stars

  • Grant Aleksander - Phillip
  • Beth Ehlers - Harley
  • Justin Deas - Buzz
  • Fiona Hutchison - Jenna

  • Ron Raines - Alan
  • Cynthia Watros - Annie
  • Wendy Moniz - Dinah
  • Frank Grillo - Hart

  • Laura Wright - Cassie
  • Kim Zimmer - Reva
  • Michael O'Leary - Rick
  • Amy Ecklund - Abby

  • Rebecca Budig - Michelle
  • Paulo Benedeti - Jesse

Featured storylines of these two episodes include:

  • Harley and Phillip wake up in bed together (yes, he's shirtless)
  • Buzz doesn't quite know who people are
  • Hart breaks up a great fight between Cassie & Dinah (slapping, shoving, the works!)

  • Jesse gets beat up by Roy's friends
  • Annie & Alan get to take care of Cassie's little girl
  • Reva enlists Harley's help in finding her sister

  • Alan tells Cassie to sleep with Josh or lose her daughter forever
  • Dinah accuses Hart of having feelings for Cassie
  • Abby's attacker pays her a visit on Halloween


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  • Guiding Light DVD 378 (1997) GRANT ALEKSANDER-BETH EHLERS
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