All DVDs are recorded on brand new digital video discs and are packaged in their own respective white DVD sleeve with a full face label on the outside of the sleeve and a center-hub disc label on the DVD itself.

In general, region codes do not apply to recordable DVDs.
A DVD that is made on a DVD video recorder will play in all regions.

Discs may be in either +R or -R format. Either one will be compatible with your dvd player.

DVDs are shipped with both protective bubblewrap and cardboard.

The maximum amount of footage on DVDs is 4 hours. This is done in order to preserve the highest quality of both audio and video.

DVDs are NOT returnable unless a product is damaged or defective, in which case it may be returned in exchange for a replacement copy.

Damages or defects must be reported immediately. Claims made 14 days or more following invoice date will not be honored.

If you experience any problems playing your DVD, please try the disc on another player before contacting us. Otherwise please return the DVD to Soap Opera World and, depending on the problem you are experiencing, you will either be issued a replacement disc or a refund of your purchase.

*Important Note: DVDs are offered thru Soap Opera World simply to make the unavailable available to collectors of soap opera memorabilia. Research is conducted to make sure these titles are not available for purchase in the USA. If anyone notices a title that is available domestically, please e-mail us and we will immediately remove it from the site (provided the information is accurate).

These are not pre-recorded factory DVDs. All DVDs are made to order. All footage is believed to be unreleased for sale in the US and in the public domain. No rights are given or implied, and DVDs are sold from one collector to another for personal use only.

All footage is uncut and unedited, meaning...these are full and complete episodes (commercials included - *unless otherwise noted). All footage is transferred to DVD from first-generation video recordings.

*Updated November 20, 2021:

Shipping costs for DVDs have been reduced. We no longer count one DVD as one item during checkout. All DVDs (including those in bundles) are now being calculated as half of one item or 0.5

2 DVDS = 1 Item in shipping
4 DVDs = 2 Items in shipping
6 DVDs = 3 Items in shipping

Any shopping cart totals that end in .5 will be rounded up to the next whole number. For example:

5 DVDs = 0.5 x 5 (or 2.5) which is rounded up to equal 3 items in shipping.

If you have any questions, please email us at

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