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December 18, 19 and 23 of 1996
Running Time - 3 hours

Complete and Uncut; 3 episodes featuring co-stars

  • Alison Sweeney - Sami
  • Bryan Dattilo - Lucas
  • Austin Peck - Austin
  • Christie Clark - Carrie

  • Drake Hogestyn - John
  • Deidre Hall - Marlena
  • Tanya Boyd - Celeste
  • Joseph Mascolo - Stefano

  • Jason Brooks - Peter
  • Eileen Davidson - Kristen/Susan
  • Jaime Lyn Bauer - Laura
  • Lauren Koslow - Kate

  • Renee Jones - Lexie
  • James Reynolds - Abe
  • Stephanie Cameron - Jennifer
  • Mark Valley - Jack

  • Peter Reckell - Bo
  • Kristian Alfonso - Hope
  • Victor Alfieri - Franco
  • Roark Critchlow - Mike

Storyline highlights of these three, Christmas-themed episodes include

  • No one knows that Stefano & Peter are alive and back in Salem
  • John accidentally kisses Marlena
  • Laura is being held hostage by Stefano

  • Susan accidentally meets John
  • Marlena & John take the kids to meet Santa
  • Hope and Bo argue over Franco

  • Kristen finds out Peter's alive and slaps Stefano for lying to her
  • Sami refuses to let Austin take Will on a trip with Carrie
  • Stefano uses a device to wipe out Laura's memory


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  • Days Of Our Lives DVD 358 (1996) EILEEN DAVIDSON-AUSTIN PECK
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