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December 1974 issue of TV By Day soap opera magazine
December 1974

Whispers, news and candid photos featuring

John Beradino & Ron Maisak...Mary Stuart...Jerry Lacy...Denise Alexander & Bill Withers...Vicky Thompson & Michael Ryan...Charles Frank & Susan Blanchard...Erika Slezak & Lee Patterson...Eugene Smith...Teri Keane...Ruta Lee & Alex Trebek

Video East, news and candid photos featuring
Beverly Penberthy...Armand Assante (shirtless)...John LaGioia...Joel Crothers (shirtless, head-to-toe shot in a speedo)...David Bailey and wife, Lois...Lynne Adams...Fran Heflin, Mary Fickett & Nick Benedict...Charles Sailor...Jim Houghton

Interview with Donald May of The Edge Of Night
3-pages, six candid photos, including wife and kids, plus a Cover Shot

Interview with Victoria Shaw of General Hospital
3-pages, five candid photos and a Cover Shot

Interview with John Cunningham of Search For Tomorrow
3-pages, six candid photos, plus a Cover Shot

How To Survive A Marriage Scoop!
The Real Reason Rosemary Prinz Left The Show
4-page Interview, seven candid photos with husband (both in bathing suits)
Plus a Cover Shot

Interview with Larry Keith of All My Children
3-pages, six candid photos

Interview with Julianna McCarthy of The Young & The Restless
4-pages, seven candid photos, plus a Cover Shot with her children

Interview with Jed Allan of Days Of Our Lives
3-pages, Full-Page Photo, three more photos and a Cover Shot

Interview with Morgan Fairchild of Search For Tomorrow
5-pages, eight candid photos, plus a Cover Shot

Helen Wagner's Hearty Home Cooking
Full-Page Feature, recipe and candid inset photo

Interview with Gary Swanson of Somerset
3-pages, Full-Page Photo plus four more photos (one shirtless)

Interview with Leonie Norton of One Life To Live
3-pages, four candid photos with husband & baby, plus a Cover Shot

Interview with Tattletales game show host Bert Convy
4-pages, five candid photos at home with wife, Ann

Fan Club Forum, news and candid photos featuring
Don Stewart...Bobby Vinton...Susan Seaforth Hayes...Benneye Gatteys and husband...Peter Brown

Beauty Tips, candid photos and remarks featuring
Erika Slezak...Joan Copeland...Judith Barcroft...Ann Williams...Diane Rousseau

Once Upon A Time...
Storyline updates for the soaps with candid photos featuring
Joel Crothers...Jaime Lyn Bauer...Susan Lucci...Suzanne Rogers & John Clarke...Tony George...Michael Storm

Off The Air, news and candid photos featuring
Paul Sparer & Nancy Marchand...Drew Snyder...Liz Kemp...Suzanne Rogers...James Sikking and son, Andrew...Jordan Charney...Janie Brandon

Catching Up with Meg Mundy (ex-Mona Aldrich, The Doctors)
2-page Interview, candid inset photo

Interview with Donald May (Adam Drake on The Edge Of Night) Interview with Leonie Norton (Julie Toland on One Life To Live)

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VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.