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Testimonial by: Lewis of Rockville, MDDate added: 03/27/2019
Title: Thank You!
Thank you so much for helping me find what I was looking for. Magazines arrived today - very happy!.... read more
Testimonial by: Sheila of Macon, GADate added: 03/21/2019
Title: Fast Service!
Such a nice website! I bought for the first time over last weekend and my magazines were shipped on Monday and arrived on Wednesday. I look forward to.... read more
Testimonial by: Allan of Ithaca, NYDate added: 03/16/2019
I love this website! Personally, I'm a 70's guy and just when I think nothing new will ever come again...there it is! Your item descriptions are s.... read more
Testimonial by: David of Los Angeles, CADate added: 03/13/2019
Title: Terrific website!
I represent a client who worked for many years in the soap opera medium. One of my tasks is to find and collect all interviews and photos ever publishe.... read more
Testimonial by: Anna of NetherlandsDate added: 03/08/2019
Title: Great Service!
I have bought magazines many times here and have always been pleased with them. Thank you for everything!.... read more
Testimonial by: Dana of Miami, FLDate added: 03/05/2019
Title: Love this website!
I love being able to find old magazines with my favorite actor in them. Soap Opera World tells me exactly who is in them and how big or small it might .... read more
Testimonial by: Erick WalterDate added: 03/04/2019
Title: All Great!
When I found this site I was in awe and after placing 25 orders it has not worn off. The best part about the site is how detailed the descriptions of ea.... read more
Testimonial by: Website Administrator of Sanford, NCDate added: 03/03/2019
Title: A Note From Soap Opera World
Introducing our new Testimonials feature. Registered users in the website are encouraged to say a few words about your experience using our site. All .... read more
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