Late August 1998-Early September 1998
Running Time - 4 hours

Complete and Uncut; 4 episodes featuring co-stars

  • Nathaniel Marston - Eddie
  • Jaime Nicole Dudney - Georgia
  • Ellen Dolan - Margo
  • Scott Holmes - Tom
  • Benjamin Hendrickson - Hal
  • Annie Parisse - Julia
  • Jon Hensley - Holden
  • Martha Byrne - Lily
  • Maura West - Carly
  • Elizabeth Hubbard - Lucinda
  • Anthony Herrera - James
  • Michael Park - Jack
  • Daniel Markel - David

Featured storylines in these four episodes include

  • David holding Carly & Julia hostage
  • Emily trying to break up Tom & Margo by spreading lies about Margo & Eddie
  • Georgia telling Lucinda that Samantha is her mother and she needs heart surgery
  • James trying to get David to let the girls go and leave the country with him
  • Lucinda accuses James of doing something to Lily


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