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August 14, 17, 18 and 19 of 1998
Running Time: 4 hours

Highlights include:

  • An explosion aboard the Valetta and David Stenbeck is missing
  • Eddie tells Margo he loves her
  • John and Lisa spend the night together

  • James Stenbeck returns to Oakdale
  • Hal issues an ultimatum to Carly
  • Jack and Julia get back together

  • Lily wants to go home
  • Barbara is jealous of Lisa's trip with John
  • Ben confides in Camille that he vandalized the church

  • Emily tries to catch Eddie and Margo on tape
  • Lucinda beds down with Brad
  • Georgia may have a heart problem

Important Note: The tape used to record these episodes ran out with ten minutes left in the last episode,'s still fabulous to watch!

Complete and Uncut; 4 consecutive episodes featuring co-stars

  • Larry Bryggman (John)
  • Colleen Zenk Pinter (Barbara)
  • Eileen Fulton (Lisa)
  • Kathryn Hays (Kim)

  • Anthony Herrera (James)
  • Elizabeth Hubbard (Lucinda)
  • Jon Hensley (Holden)
  • Martha Byrne (Lily)

  • Ellen Dolan (Margo)
  • Scott Holmes (Tom)
  • Nathaniel Marston (Eddie)
  • Kelley Menighan Hensley (Emily)

  • Sherry Alexander (Sam)
  • Tom Wiggin (Kirk)
  • Jaime Nicole Dudney (Georgia)
  • Don Hastings (Bob)

  • Benjamin Hendrickson (Hal)
  • Maura West (Carly)
  • Michael Park (Jack)
  • Annie Parisse (Julia)

  • Peter Parros (Ben)
  • Lauren Martin-Harkins (Camille)
  • Nick Kokotakis (Brad)
  • Lesli Kay Sterling (Molly)

Video and audio quality are VERY GOOD.

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  • As The World Turns DVD 410 (1998) MICHAEL PARK-MAURA WEST
    Product Introduced:  11/14/2015
    Last Modified:  02/22/2021
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