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Mid-Late April 1995
Running Time: 4 hours

Complete and Uncut; 4 episodes featuring co-stars

  • Matt Crane - Matt
  • Anna Stuart - Donna
  • Kale Browne - Michael
  • Anna Holbrook - Sharlene

  • David Forsyth - John
  • David Hedison - Spencer
  • Paul Michael Valley - Ryan
  • Charles Keating - Carl

  • Victoria Wyndham - Rachel/Justine
  • Diego Serrano - Tomas
  • Amy Carlson - Josie
  • Timothy Gibbs - Gary

  • Alice Barrett - Frankie
  • Joseph Barbara - Joe
  • Stephen Schnetzer - Cass
  • Linda Dano - Felicia

  • Robin Christopher - Lorna
  • Grayson McCouch - Morgan
  • Mark Pinter - Grant
  • Judi Evans - Paulina

Storyline highlights of these four episodes include

  • Michael is shocked to learn that Donna is marrying Matt Cory
  • Spencer is in the hospital after suffering a stroke
  • Carl reveals to Ryan that his mother really didn't die in childbirth like Spencer told him
  • Josie starts training at the police academy and meets her instructor, Gary Sinclair

  • Justine has an associate lure Carl out of Bay City so she can kill Rachel
  • Frankie thinks she may be pregnant
  • Matt confronts Michael about his forthcoming wedding to Donna
  • Josie thinks her instructer acts like Mr. Perfect...little does she know that Gary is an alcoholic

  • Lorna tells Grant their relationship, personally and professionally, is over
  • Gary starts attending AA meetings and meets Felicia
  • Morgan asks Lorna out on a date and he serenades her at the restaurant
  • Grant plots to ruin their date...and does


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  • Another World DVD 192b (1995) MARK PINTER-GRAYSON MCCOUCH
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