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July 1976
Remember When??? Articles and candid photos featuring
Gerald Gordon...Jeanne Cooper...Robert Colbert...George Reinholt...Macdonald Carey...Peter Brown...Eileen Fulton...Jim Pritchett...Michael Storm and wife, Sally

Interview with Janice Lynde of The Young and The Restless
4-pages, five candid photos, plus a Cover Shot

Your Daytime Reporter, news and candid photos featuring
Kate Mulgrew...Paul Gleason...Rita McLaughlin...Billy Hamlin...Ruth Warrick...Michael Fairman...Jerry Lacy & Birgitta Tolksdorf...Rick Lohman and wife, Lenore...John McCook, Juliet Prowse and son, Seth...Maeve McGuire...David Hasselhoff...Macdonald Carey

Interview with Lionel Johnston of Another World
3-pages, large candid inset photo and a Cover Shot

Today's Woman: Barbara Walters - A Professional Portrait
3-page article, two candid photos

How Susan Seaforth & Bill Hayes Keep It Together...It Isn't Easy
6-pages, Interview, Full-Page Photo together, four more photos and a Cover Shot

Interview with Michael Levin of Ryan's Hope
4-pages, three candid photos at home with wife, Elizabeth

Interview with Audrey Landers of Somerset
3-pages, near Full-Page Photo plus one additional photo

Mary Fickett's Sexy New Look
8-pages, Full-Page Photo plus seven more photos having her hair done
And a Cover Shot

Interview with John LaGioia of The Edge Of Night
4-pages, near Full-Page Photo, two more photos and a Cover Shot

We Welcome Gerald Gordon Back
9-page article, near Full-Page Photo, additional photos and more including co-stars
David O'Brien...George Coe...Anna Stuart...Jim Pritchett...Palmer Deane...Julia Duffy...Armand Assante...Lydia Bruce

Gourmet Recipe with David O'Brien of The Doctors
Full-Page Feature, recipe and candid inset photo

Rear Cover: Full-Page Color Pinup featuring Ryan's Hope star
Michael Levin and wife and sons

Interview with Janice Lynde (Leslie Brooks Eliot on Y&R) Interview with Audrey Landers (Heather Kane on Somerset)

Mailing Label? - NO
VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.