Soap Opera World is a hobby-gone-mad! What started out as a way to make a few dollars selling magazines no longer wanted...while collecting others in the process...spun out of control and turned into a website.

The website was introduced in December of 2005 and over the course of many years, we now have well over 7000 soap opera magazines documented from 1968 to the present!

Now, on to some frequently asked questions of the site -

Is this website part of Soap Opera Digest? Do they run Soap Opera World?

No. Soap Opera World is not affiliated with any soap opera magazines published, neither past nor present. We are a website that specializes in locating and selling back issues of soap opera magazines. There is no business relationship whatsoever with Soap Opera Digest or any other soap opera magazine.

My magazine subscription didn't arrive last week. Where is it?

Soap Opera World does not publish any soap opera magazines. Please contact your local post office and visit the websites of Soap Opera Digest or ABC/CBS Soaps In Depth to file a complaint.

Where do all of these magazines come from?

From anywhere and everywhere. There is no wholesale supplier of such things. Basically, we come in contact with people just like yourself who are interested in parting with their magazines. All of the issues for sale have been previously owned. Soap Opera World does make note in each item listing any imperfections such as creases, bent corners, torn pages, etc. If a magazine currently available has a mailing label on the cover, that is noted, as well.

Do you ship outside the United States?

Yes - we ship worldwide! If you're interested in making a purchase, and you don't see your country listed when checking out, just send a note to Soap Opera World via the email address provided at the bottom of this page or use the Contact Us link provided.

How often do magazines come back in stock?

That's probably the hardest question to answer. The truth is...there is no way for us to predict when anything will be available again. We could find them next week. We could find them 6 months from now. We may never find them again! Given the fact that there is no supplier of what we sell, it's impossible to know when, if ever, a particular item will be back in stock.

Inventory is being replenished constantly. We like to believe that all out-of-stock items listed in the website will be available again for purchase sooner or later. If we had it once...we're likely to have it again!

How do I create an account and is it free?

Yes, it is free - simply click on the My Account > Register link on the right side of your screen at the top of this page. All that is required of you is your name, shipping address, email and a password of your choosing. We do not share or sell your information to 3rd parties and Soap Opera World collects no financial information of any kind.

Accounts are required for those who wish to use the Stock Notifications feature and those who would like to maintain their own personal Wish List. You can also create an account during checkout by clicking on the Log In box.

An account is not required to make a purchase.

In that instance, you would simply fill your cart with the items you'd like to buy, click the Secure Checkout button and choose the option on the next screen called Purchase Without Account. Then provide your shipping information and proceed with your payment selection.

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