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September 1995
25th Anniversary Issue

Inside Hollywood, news/gossip and candid photos featuring
Joshua Morrow, Eddie Cibrian & Julianne Morris...Patrick Muldoon & Christie Clark...Geoff Pierson & Nikki Cox...Jaime Lyn Bauer...Ronn Moss, Lee Phillip Bell, Katherine Kelly Lang & Bill Bell...Marie Cheatham

Interview with Thaao Penghlis of Days Of Our Lives
2-pages; 3 candid photos

Relive 25 Years of Daytime's Most Memorable Weddings
Mini-articles and candid photos featuring
Lauren White & Jonathan Frakes...Sharon Gabet & Larkin Malloy...Sherry Mathis & Rod Arrants...Ernest Thompson & Renee Jarrett...Melody Thomas Scott & Eric Braeden...Wally Kurth & Judi Evans...Taylor Miller & Peter Bergman...Lisa Brown & Michael Tylo...Kim Delaney & Laurence Lau...Robert Tyler & Noelle Beck...Peter Reckell & Kristian Alfonso...A Martinez & Marcy Walker...Ronn Moss & Joanna Johnson...Rex Smith & Mary Ellen Stuart..Joe Lando & Jessica Tuck...Finola Hughes & Ian Buchanan...Robert S. Woods & Jensen Buchanan...Meg Ryan & Frank Runyeon...John Reilly & Sharon Wyatt...Kim Zimmer & Robert Newman

Interview with Jacklyn Zeman of General Hospital
2-pages; 3 candid photos

Contest: Win The Latest Release From Jon Lindstrom & The High Lonesome
Full-Page Feature; entry ballot, candid inset photo of Lindstrom

The Best Of Friends
Pictorial featuring Y&R co-stars and real-life couple
Eddie Cibrian & Julianne Morris
7 candid photos

Make 'Em Laugh - Daytime's Kings and Queens of Comedy
Individual articles and candid photos featuring
Louise Sorel...Jay Hammer...Marj Dusay...Linda Dano & John Aprea...Steve Burton

Interview with Kim Zimmer of Guiding Light
2-pages; 2 candid photos

Interview with Ron Raines of Guiding Light
2-pages; 2 candid photos

Viewer Voices, fan letters and candid photos featuring
Paul Michael Valley...Mark Valley...Keith Hamilton Cobb & Sydney Penny

The Un-Authorized Biography of Debbi Morgan of Loving
2-pages; 5 candid photos

Starfest '95, article and 2-pages of candid photos at the event featuring
Socorro Santiago, Raul Davila & Catherine Gardner...Joseph Barbara...Tyler Noyes & Courtney Chase...Judi Evans and fan...Mari Morrow, Michelle Hurd & Shemar Moore...Yvonne Perry & Shawn Christian...John Reilly & Sharon Wyatt...Alison Sweeney

She's Outrageous!
Relive some fashionable memories with B&B's spectacular Sally!
6 candid shots of star Darlene Conley

The Many Loves of Asa Buchanan (One Life To Live)
Mini-articles and candid photos featuring Phil Carey and co-stars
Dorian Lopinto...Shelley Burch...Mary Gordon Murray...Patricia Elliott...Mia Korf...Tonja Walker

Shattered Vows!
Macy and Thorne's wedding day dreams become a nightmare on B&B
2-pages of candid photos featuring
Bobbie Eakes...Jeff Trachta...Darlene Conley...Susan Flannery...Michael Sabatino...John McCook

Special Report: How realistic are soaps' teen storylines?
2-page article with candid photos featuring
Michael Sutton & Kimberly McCullough...Alison Sweeney & Christie Clark...Heather Tom, Melody Thomas Scott & Joshua Morrow...Clint Ritchie, Erika Slezak & Erin Torpey

25 Years of The Best & Worst On Soaps!
Huge section with individual articles and mostly candid photos featuring

Best Villains

  • David Kimble (Y&R) - Michael Corbett
  • Todd Manning (OLTL) - Roger Howarth
  • Stefano DiMera (DAYS) - Joseph Mascolo
  • Billy Clyde Tuggle (AMC) - Matthew Cowles

Best Lovers

  • Frankie & Cass (AW) - Alice Barrett & Stephen Schnetzer
  • Rocky & Rio (LOV) - Rena Sofer & Rick Telles
  • Jennifer & Jack (DAYS) - Melissa Reeves & Matthew Ashford
  • Betsy & Steve (ATWT) - Meg Ryan & Frank Runyeon

  • Luke & Laura (GH) - Anthony Geary & Genie Francis
  • Angie & Jesse (AMC) - Debbi Morgan & Darnell Williams
  • Nikki & Victor (Y&R) - Melody Thomas Scott & Eric Braeden
  • Nora & Bo (OLTL) - Hillary B. Smith & Robert S. Woods

Best Stories

AMC's Opal & Palmer - Their Love Affair
- Jill Larson & James Mitchell
GL's Frank, Eleni & Alan-Michael - Twisted Vows
- Frank Dicopoulos, Melina Kanakaredes & Rick Hearst

Y&R: Cricket and Jessica's Bittersweet Reunion
- Lauralee Bell
AW: Who Shot Jake?
- Tom Eplin

Worst Stories

SB: Is Suzanne Eden?
- A Martinez
B&B: Beauty Is Skin Deep
- Bryan Genesse & Carrie Mitchum

OLTL: The Eterna(l) City
- Erika Slezak & Andrea Evans
DAYS: The Devil and Ms. Marlena
- Deidre Hall & Drake Hogestyn

Best Leading Men

  • Y&R's Peter Bergman
  • SB's A Martinez
  • AW's Douglass Watson
  • AMC's Michael E. Knight

Best Leading Ladies

  • AMC's Susan Lucci
  • OLTL's Erika Slezak
  • AW's Linda Dano
  • ATWT's Eileen Fulton

Best Adventures

OLTL's Buchanan City
- John Loprieno & Brenda Brock
DAYS Goes To New Orleans
- Kristian Alfonso & Peter Reckell

GH: Intrigue In Puerto Rico
- Maurice Benard & Anthony Geary
LOVING Goes To Italy
- Richard Steinmetz & Noelle Beck

Best & Worst Triangles

Best: B&B's Caroline, Ridge and Brooke
- Joanna Johnson, Ronn Moss & Katherine Kelly Lang
Best: ATWT's Holden, Lily & Damian
- Jon Hensley, Martha Byrne & Paolo Seganti

Worst: Y&R's Hope, Victor & Nikki
- Signy Coleman, Eric Braeden & Melody Thomas Scott
Worst: GH's Katherine, Ned & Lois
- Mary Beth Evans, Wally Kurth & Rena Sofer

Worst Recasts

  • AMC's Natalie Dillon - Melody Anderson
  • AW's Donna Hudson - Philece Sampler
  • OLTL's Max Holden - Nicholas Walker
  • ATWT's Betsy Andropoulos - Lindsay Frost

Interview with Keith Hamilton Cobb of All My Children
2-pages; 2 candid photos

Up Close & Personal, candid shots of stars with their fans, featuring
Maurice Benard...Robert Newman...Don Diamont...Kelly Ripa & Laura Sisk

Big Apple Bites, news/gossip and candid photos featuring
Timothy D. Stickney, Brett Cooper & Alysia Zucker...Lauren-Marie Taylor and daughter, Olivia...Paul Michael Valley & Christine Tucci...James Kiberd & Susan Keith...Frank Dicopoulos...Vanessa Marcil...Charles Keating

Fitness File - What Your Favorite Soapers Do To Look Their Best
Article/remarks and candid photos featuring
Lynn Herring...Jack Armstrong...Amy Carlson

Interview with Tuc Watkins of One Life To Live
2-pages; 2 candid photos

Through The Years With Y&R's Victoria Howard
2-page spread of candid shots of star Heather Tom

Interview with Joseph Barbara of Another World
Full-Page Feature; large candid inset photo, muscle t-shirt

Husbands and Wives!
Meet the real-life lovers of your favorite soap stars, candid photos featuring
Rick Hearst and wife, Donna...Sydney Penny and boyfriend, Robert...Hunter Tylo & Michael Tylo...Katherine Kelly Lang and husband, Skott...Scott Thompson Baker and wife, Leilani...Finola Hughes and husband, Russell...Jean Carol and husband, Gerry

The Young & The Restless - A Complete Picture History
Mini-articles and candid photos featuring
David Hasselhoff & Trish Stewart...Jeanne Cooper & Beau Kayzer...Terry Lester & Lilibet Stern...Nathan Purdee & Stephanie Williams...Beth Maitland & Don Diamont...Eric Braeden, Eileen Davidson & Melody Thomas Scott...Terry Lester, Brenda Dickson & Jerry Douglas...Quinn Redeker & Jeanne Cooper...Peter Barton & Lauralee Bell...Rod Arrants & Eileen Davidson...Eric Braeden & Heather Tom...Jess Walton...Kate Linder & Anthony Pena...Doug Davidson & Nina Arvesen...Barbara Crampton & Eric Braeden...Lauralee Bell & Michael Damian

Rear Cover: Full-Page Color Pinup of real-life couple
Julianne Morris & Eddie Cibrian


Interview with Ron Raines (Alan Spaulding on Guiding Light) Interview with Tuc Watkins (David Vickers on One Life To Live)

100-pages in VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

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