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September 1990

Just In! News and candid photos featuring
Audrey Landers...Melody Thomas Scott...Bradley Lockerman & Kimberly McCullough...Jacklyn Zeman

From Me To You, article and large candid photos featuring
Drake Hogestyn & Anne Marie Allocca...Robert S. Woods & Jensen Buchanan...Allocca & Russell Todd

Inside Hollywood, news/articles and large candid photos featuring
Tristan Rogers & Margaret Michaels...Rick Hearst, Joe Marinelli & Don Frabotta...Lauralee Bell & boyfriend, Joel Gresch...William J. Bell, Jaime Lyn Bauer & John McCook...Drake Hogestyn & fan, Karen Ogan...Steve Bond, Louise Sorel & Jed Allan...Ronn Moss & Joanna Johnson...Michael Watson...Edie Lehmann & date, Jamie Greene...Richard Biggs & Sandra Canning...John O'Hurley...Jess Walton, Stephen Gregory & Peter Barton...Susan Seaforth Hayes & John Aniston...James Michael Gregory

Interview with James Healy of Santa Barbara
'Self-Made Man'
2-pages; 3 large candid photos

Interview with Cady McClain of All My Children
'Funny Girl'
Full-Page Interview; 2 large candid photos

Interview with One Life To Live co-stars
Jensen Buchanan & Robert S. Woods
'Candid Comments'
3-pages; 5 large candid photos together

Joyce Becker's Soap Opera Festival
Full-Page Article with large candid photos featuring
Trent Bushey & Joyce Becker...Becker & Stephen Gregory

Romantic Interludes
The Passion and Romance of Your Favorite Lovers Vividly Retold
Individual articles and Large Candid Photos featuring

Doug Davidson & Nina Arvesen
Perry Stephens & Lauren-Marie Taylor
Peter Reckell & Kristian Alfonso

Jack Wagner & Kristina Wagner
Michael E. Knight & Cady McClain
Erika Slezak & Larry Pine

Mary Ellen Stuart & Burke Moses
Colleen Dion & Todd McKee
Russell Todd & Anne Heche

Guiding Light - Played For A Fool No More
Full-Page Article with large candid photos featuring
Carl Evans & Beth Ehlers and Sherry Stringfield

Interview with Russell Todd of Another World
'Made To Frame'
2-pages; 3 large candid photos

Interview with Charles Grant of Another World
'All Grown Up'
2-pages; 3 large candid photos

Interview with Kim Zimmer of Guiding Light
'I Want Jake To Stay Little Forever!'
3-pages; 3 large candid photos with baby boy, Jake

Star Of The Month: Matthew Ashford of Days Of Our Lives
Full-Page Article; large candid inset photo

Interview with Nicolas Coster of Santa Barbara
'Wait Til They See Us This Time'
2 Large Candid Photos, including co-star Roscoe Born

Interview with Michael Corbett of The Young & The Restless
'He's No Villain'
2-pages; 2 large candid photos

Bowling Party with the stars of One Life To Live
3-Large Candid Photos together of Joe Lando & Bronwen Booth

The Start of Something Big
Generations Celebrates Its First Anniversary In A Most Generous Way
2-pages of Large Candid Photos featuring
Lynn Hamilton & Taurean Blacque...Vivica A. Fox...Jonelle Allen & Rick Fitts...Stacey Nelkin & Anthony Addabbo...Debbi Morgan & Charles Dutton...Kathleen Noone, Robert Gentry, Linda Gibboney & Carmen Thomas...George Deloy, Gail Ramsey & Rick Lohman

Interview with Peter Francis James of As The World Turns
'Shakespeare's Been My Bread and Butter'
Full-Page Interview; large candid inset photo

Clip-n-Save Directory: Who's Who on Santa Barbara
4-pages of professional bios and large candid photos featuring
Marcy Walker & A Martinez...Judith McConnell & Jed Allan...Robin Mattson & Steve Bond...Terry Lester & Nancy Grahn...Peter Love...Carrington Garland...Justin Gocke...Constance Marie...Louise Sorel...Christopher Norris...Frank Runyeon...John O'Hurley...Nicolas Coster...Julie St. Claire...Lori Hallier...John Callahan...Leigh McCloskey...James Healy

Clip-n-Save Directory: Who's Who on The Young & The Restless
5-pages of professional bios and large candid photos featuring
Peter Bergman...Eric Braeden...Brenda Epperson...Melissa Morgan...Barbara Crampton...Nathan Purdee...Don Diamont...Melody Thomas Scott...Jess Walton...Tracey E. Bregman...Peter Barton...Quinn Redeker...Jeanne Cooper...Kate Linder...Ashley Nicole Millan...Jerry Douglas...Nina Arvesen...Patty Weaver...Stephen Gregory...Brett Hadley...Doug Davidson...Michael Corbett...Colby Chester...Michael Damian...Tricia Cast...Todd Curtis...Lauralee Bell...Christopher Templeton

Interview with Jacklyn Zeman of General Hospital
'Starting Over'
3-pages; 4 large candid photos

Interview with Staci Greason of Days Of Our Lives
'Drake Is Great!'
2-pages; 3 large candid photos including co-star Drake Hogestyn

Drake's Turn
Interview with Drake Hogestyn ; large candid inset photo with Greason

Movin' On Up
With the addition of some new sizzling castmembers and a hot head writer,
Another World is destined to be Number 1
In-depth article with large candid photos featuring
Tom Eplin & Sandra Reinhardt...Linda Dano & John Aprea...Anne Heche...Russell Todd & Matt Crane...Lewis Arlt...Kale Browne & Anna Stuart

Direct From Matt
Full-Page Letter written to the fans by Days' star Matthew Ashford
Large Candid Inset Photo with co-star Melissa Reeves

Interview with Bobbie Eakes of The Bold & The Beautiful
'New Kid On The Block'
2-pages; 2 large candid photos

Role Call, cast lists for all shows with large candid photos featuring
Joe Gallison and Debbi Morgan

On Location: General Hospital Unveils A New Wing in the Quartermaine Mansion
4 Large Candid Photos featuring
Stuart Damon...Hugo Napier...Leslie Charleson & Jane shot of all

Interview with Robert Gentry of Generations
'Rugged And Ready To Go'
2-pages; 2 large candid photos

In The Public Eye
Sometimes, Being A Celebrity Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be
In-depth article with Large Candid Photos featuring
Stephen Schnetzer & fan...Marcy Walker & fan...Louise Sorel...Clayton Prince & fan...Robert Tyler...Lauren Koslow...Fiona Hutchison

Fan Club Listings, 2-pages with large candid photos featuring
Kristina Malandro...Peter Barton, Melody Thomas Scott & Lauralee Bell...Tom Eplin & Drake Hogestyn

Big Apple Bites, news/articles and large candid photos featuring
Hilary Edson & Linda Dano...Lewis Arlt...Mary Ellen Stuart...Anna Holbrook...Julia Barr...Ruth Warrick & Louis Edmonds...Joe Lando...Michael O'Leary & Carl T. Evans...Allison Hossack & Clayton Prince...Grant Aleksander & Beverlee McKinsey...Kassie Wesley & Ken Meeker...Morgan Englund, mom Cloris Leachman, brother George & fianc?, Pamela...Agnes Nixon...Lauren-Marie Taylor...Robert S. Woods & Michael Palance

Mad Martha Blows Off Some Steam
Full-Page Article with large candid photos featuring
Kurt McKinney, Lisa Fuller & Michael Watson...Billy Hufsey & Camilla Scott

Rear Cover: Summer Sizzlers
Large Candid Photos featuring
Nina Arvesen half-page..Melissa Reeves & Matthew Ashford...Vivica A. Fox & Kristoff St. John


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