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Daytime Digest September 1984
September 1984

Inside Front Cover: Peter Reckell & Kristian Alfonso of Days Of Our Lives
Full-Page Color Pinup together

Hot Flashes, individual articles with candid photos featuring
The new soap opera, Rituals, set to debut with Barbara Crampton & Philece Sampler...Gloria Loring publishing a new book...Bianca Ferguson expecting a baby...Genie Francis reportedly in a new romance with former GH star, John Martinuzzi

Backstage Beat, news and candid photos featuring
Julia Barr & David Forsyth...Marj Dusay...Michael Leon, Lisa Trusel & Steve Bond...Jacqueline Courtney...John Denos & Terry Lester...Sherilyn Wolter, Tom Rolapp & Rozzell Sykes...Dawn Parrish & Jimmy McNichol...Christian LeBlanc & Terri Vandenbosch...Sharon Gabet & Joyce Becker...Hugo Napier...Carolyn Clark...Dawn Parrish alone...Sherilyn Wolter and fiance, Tom

All My Children - Adam's Mystery Woman...Nina Fights For Cliff...Tad Toys With Dottie
Storyline News with candid photos featuring
Michael E. Knight & Tasia Valenza (half-page pic)...Peter Bergman & Taylor Miller...David Canary & Susan Lucci

AMC Storyline Bonus - Greg & Jenny: Love Was Their Destiny
3-page article with candid photos featuring
Laurence Lau & Kim Delaney - 5 photos, plus a Cover Shot

Kim Delaney & Charles Flohe: Young Love Blossoms At A Romantic Festival!
Full-Page Article on their real-life romance, candid photos of each

Interview with Emma Samms of General Hospital
2-pages, large half-page photo with stuffed animal, plus three additional photos
And a Cover Shot with co-star, Tristan Rogers

Another World - David Makes A Killing...Carl Blackmails Cecile...Mark Accuses Stacey
Storyline News with candid photos featuring
Nancy Frangione, John Hutton & Mary Page Keller (half-page pic)...Linda Dano & Charles Keating...Kim Morgan Greene

Special Report: The Baby Brigade!
Article and large candid photos of soap stars who recently became new parents, featuring
Lisa Brown & Tom Nielsen (half-page pic, plus a Cover Shot)...Jerry ver Dorn and wife, Beth...Laura Malone...Frank Runyeon and wife...Lisa Loring and daughter, Vanessa

As The World Turns - John Saves Bob's Life...Steve Proposes To Betsy...Maggie Sends Frank Away
Storyline News with candid photos featuring
Scott Bryce, Meg Ryan, Frank Runyeon & Kim Ulrich...Jacques Perreault & Mary Linda Rapelye...Kim Ulrich, Christian LeBlanc & Robert Horton

They've Got That Loving Feeling! Romances Galore Behind The Scenes, candid photos featuring
Kim Morgan Greene & Greg Beecroft...Josh Taylor & Sandahl Bergman...Margaret Colin & Justin Deas...Stephen Yates & Donna Cyrus...Jason Kincaid & Donna Pescow

Capitol - Sam's Secret Is Out...Beth Cheats On Tom...Clarissa Gunned Down
Storyline News with candid photos featuring
David Mason Daniels, Constance Towers & Ed Nelson...Lana Wood

Capitol Wedding: The Power & The Passion
Article, near Full-Page Photo featuring Nicholas Walker & Deborah Mullowney
Plus a Cover Shot

General Hospital On Location: It's Grant Versus Grant On Those Snowy Slopes
2-page article, five candid photos featuring co-stars
Brian Patrick Clarke & Sherilyn Wolter

Days Of Our Lives - Bo Eludes Police...Hope And Bo Part...Melissa Befriends Pete
Storyline News with candid photos featuring
Lisa Trusel, Peter Reckell & Kristian Alfonso (half-page pic)...Wayne Northrop & Leann Hunley...Joe Gallison & Gloria Loring

Interview with Julie Parrish of Capitol
2-pages, Near Full-Page Photo plus two additional photos

The Edge Of Night - Chris Rejects Miles...Preacher Warns Jody...Raven Accepts Jamie
Storyline News with candid photos featuring
Dick Cavett, David Froman, Sharon Gabet & Larkin Malloy...Dennis Parker & Jennifer Taylor

General Hospital - Grant Stalks Grant...Ginny Tricks Rick...Frisco Exposes Steffi
Storyline News with candid photos featuring
Emma Samms & Tristan Rogers (half-page pic)...Jack Wagner & Jimmy McNichol...Stuart Damon & Anna Lee...Brian Patrick Clarke

Guiding Light - Mindy's Unwanted Pregnancy...Tony In Desperate Battle...Maureen Keeps A Secret
Storyline News with candid photos featuring
Krista Tesreau & Michael O'Leary (half-page pic)...Grant Aleksander & Judi Evans...Greg Beecroft

ATWT Spotlight - The Poster Girls: Kim Ulrich & Mary Lynn Blanks
Article on posters they hope to distribute, large candid shots of each

Daytime Stars Shine On Stage, Screen & TV, news and candid photos featuring
Anthony Geary...Lori Loughlin & Shannon Presby...Dixie Carter & Conrad Bain...Greg Rozakis

One Life To Live - Asa Hunts For Treasure...Tony Seduces Sam...Cassie Confronts Simon
Storyline News with candid photos featuring
Michael Zaslow & Ava Haddad...Gerald Anthony...Nicolas Coster & Michael Storm...Michael Zaslow & Brynn Thayer (The Wedding That Wasn't)

Interview with Ava Haddad of One Life To Live
2-pages, Near Full-Page Photo, two additional photos and a Cover Shot

Interview with Elissa Leeds of General Hospital
Full-Page Feature, large candid inset photo plus another pic at 12-years old

Ryan's Hope - Siobhan With Child...Dave Rescues Maggie...Joe A Bomb Victim
Storyline News with candid photos featuring
Marg Helgenberger, Malcolm Groome & Geoffrey Pierson...Nancy Addison

On Location With Y&R: On The Shores Of Love
Near Full-Page Photo of co-stars Eric Braeden & Melody Thomas
Two more pics and a Cover Shot

Search For Tomorrow - Sunny Fights Back...Wendy Traps Warren
Storyline News with candid photos featuring
Lisa Peluso & Michael Corbett...Marie Cheatham

Y&R - Nikki's Caribbean Ordeal...Jill's Secret Shame...Marc Surprises Dina
Storyline News with candid photos featuring
Tracey Bregman & Scott Palmer...Michael Damian & Beth Maitland...Jerry Douglas & Terry Lester...Frank Benard & Eileen Davidson

Interview with Terri VandenBosch of ATWT
Full-Page Feature, large candid inset photo, plus a pic with co-star Christian LeBlanc

Last Page: Full-Cast Photo of As The World Turns
Full-Page Photo including
Scott Bryce...Meg Ryan...Colleen Zenk...Hugo Napier...Robert Lipton...Mary Lynn Blanks...Don Hastings...Frank Runyeon...Larry Bryggman...Kathryn Hays...Christian LeBlanc...


Interview with Emma Samms of General Hospital The Poster Girls with Kim Ulrich & Mary Lynn Blanks of ATWT

Mailing Label? - NO
VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

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