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TV Soap Opera Beat September 1979
September 1979 - Premiere Issue

Inside Front Cover: Roxanne Gregory (ex-Love Of Life)
Full-Page Color Pinup

Daytime New York, news and large half-page candid photos featuring
Larry Fleishman...Elizabeth Stack...Peter White & Francesca James...Rick Lohman and wife, Lenore...Helen Gallagher...Jennifer Leak and husband

Fan Flair Club, articles about their respective fan clubs with candid photos featuring
David Hasselhoff...Kin Shriner...Lynn Milgrim

Daytime Hollywood, news and large half-page candid photos featuring
Mary Stuart and son & daughter...Susan Lucci and husband, Helmut...Richard Hatch, Karen Lynn Gorney & Nick Benedict...Josh Taylor (shirtless)...Chris Robinson...David Hasselhoff

Interview with Love Of Life co-stars Birgitta Tolksdorf & Lloyd Batista
5-pages, Full-Page Photo together, two more photos and a Cover Shot

Soap Lovers Who Didn't Stop Kissing
2-page article, candid photos featuring Bill Hayes and Susan Seaforth Hayes

All My Children's Susan Lucci & Richard Shoberg
Proving That A Younger Man Needs What An Older Woman Gives
2-page article, candid photo together, plus a Cover Shot

Bill Boggs Reveals: What He Plans To Do With Ruth Warrick
3-page Interview, large half-page photo together, plus a Cover Shot of Boggs

Interview with Nikki Goulet of Ryan's Hope
3-pages, near Full-Page Photo, plus one additional photo with her mother

Interview with Daren Kelley of All My Children
4-pages, two large candid photos onstage with actor Stacy Keach

Interview with Lynn Milgrim of Another World
4-pages, Full-Page Photo with husband, Richard, one additional photo and a Cover Shot

How You Can Get On A Soap!
6-page article with candid photos of actors who have landed parts on soaps, including
Jamie Wong...Kimmee Wong...David Elliott...Amy DeMayo...Ginny Ortiz...Jeff Farber...Judee Wales...Kim Delgado...Raymond Lopez...David Hughes...Rose Neblett...Olga Druce...Julie Sones...Betsy Heart...Bess Winburn...Mary Carter...Fred Carmichael...Michael Bruck...Joseph M. Soll...Lionel Pina

David Hasselhoff: Teach Him Some New "Facts Of Life" And Win His Newest Album
Full-Page Feature, contest rules and entry ballot, large candid inset photo

Five Fantastic, Fascinating Facts About David Hasselhoff
Full-Page Featuere, mini-interview, large candid inset photo

Meet A Lady You'll Love - Randee Heller of Soap
Full-Page Feature, large candid inset photo

Medical Experts Advise: Your Sex Life Is Affected By Watching Soaps!
2-page article, no photos

Success Spot with network press representative Anne Marie Ricitelli
2-page interview about her job scheduling stars for press events, large candid photo

Success Spot with celebrity photographer Robert Deutsch
2-page interview about photographing celebrities, large candid photo

Quick Quiz - A Lady's Past
Full-Page Feature with a trivia question and a shot to win a year's subscription
Large Half-Page Photo of Ryan's Hope star Helen Gallagher

In The Next Issue...Ted Wass of the nighttime series, Soap
Full-Page Photo

Gil Gerard: Doing What Comes Naturally, Naturally!
Full-Page Feature, article on his success in film with Buck Rogers of the 21st Century
Large Half-Page Candid Shot of Gerard with co-stars Julie Fink & Pam Hensley

Interview with former soap opera actor Sam DeFazio
Full-Page Feature, candid inset photo

In The Next Issue...Karen Lynn Gorney (ex-All My Children)
Full-Page Photo

Inside Rear Cover: Kin Shriner of General Hospital
Full-Page Color Pinup

Rear Cover: David Hasselhoff of The Young and The Restless
Full-Page Color Pinup


David Hasselhoff Contest Interview with Birgitta Tolksdorf of Love Of Life

Mailing Label? - NO
VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

  • 9-79 TV Soap Opera Beat PREMIERE ISSUE
    Product Introduced:  11/02/2019
    Last Modified:  11/02/2019
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