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TV Dawn To Dusk September 1978
September 1978

Daytime Happenings, news and candid photos featuring
Fran Myers...Lloyd Battista...Josh Taylor...Karen Morris & Mary Carney

Interview with Audrey Peters of Love Of Life
4-pages, five candid photos and a Cover Shot

Interview with Breon Gormon of For Richer, For Poorer
3-pages, large candid inset photo

Talk Of The Day...California, news and candid photos featuring
Roberta Leighton & David Hasselhoff...Wings Hauser and date, Nancy...Stuart Damon and wife, Deidre...Jennifer Harmon, Ruth Warrick & Ken Kercheval...Kiley Masterson and guests, full-page photo

Why Ryan's Hope Has To Fail
3-page article, screenshot of co-stars Michael Levin & Kate Mulgrew

Gab and Game Shows, news and candid photos featuring
Henry Winkler...Mary Tyler Moore...Cheryl Tiegs & Stan Dragotti

Interview with Richard Shoberg of All My Children
5-pages, Full-Page Photo, two more photos and a Cover Shot

Interview with Kathy Glass of One Life To Live
5-pages, four candid photos

Interview with Don Stewart of Guiding Light
5-pages, near Full-Page Photo (shirtless), three additional photos
Plus a Cover Shot

Fan Club Forum
5-pages with candid photos featuring
Nat Polen & Theresa Izzo...Robin Rider & Gerald Anthony...Walter Miller, Erika Slezak, Lee Patterson & Ilene Pachman...Denny Albee

Days Of Our Lives Turns 12
Article and 2-pages of candid party photos featuring
Bill Hayes, Richard Guthrie & Susan Seaforth Hayes...Martha Nix & Wesley Eure...Kaye Stevens & Jack Herzberg...Jed Allan & Robert Clary...Macdonald Carey & Frances Reid...Robert Clary & Rosemary Forsythe

Daytime Forum: Stars Show How To Stay In Shape
6-pages of candid photos and interviews featuring
Nancy Addison (full-page photo)...Nick Benedict...Phillip McHale

Interview with Tom Ligon of The Young and The Restless
4-pages, Full-Page Photo plus one additional photo with wife, Kathryn

Interview with Candice Earley of All My Children
5-pages, near full-page photo onstage with rock band, Pure Energy
Five more photos with husband, Peter, plus a Cover Shot


Interview with Richard Shoberg (Tom Cudahy on All My Children) Interview with Breon Gorman (Tessa Saxton on For Richer, For Poorer)

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VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.