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Tiger Beat Star September 1978
September 1978

Scott Baio Day In Brooklyn!
Full-Page Article, two candid photos

Jet Skiing With Shaun Cassidy
Full-Page Color Pictorial, five candid photos (one shirtless)

Interview with Leif Garrett
Full-Page Feature, candid inset photo

Michael Biehn - You'll Love To Love Him!
Half-Page Article, candid inset photo

Lance Kerwin Plays The Waiting Game With James (James At 16)
Full-Page Article, candid inset photo and a screenshot

Scoops & Superscoops, news and candid photos featuring
Farrah Fawcett...Leif Garrett...Carly Simon...Andrew Stevens...Shaun Cassidy...Robby Benson...Andy Gibb...Joe Namath...Greg Evigan...Philip McKeon

Back-Talk, fan letters and candid photos featuring
Willie Aames...Andy Gibb...John Ritter...John Travolta...Clark Brandon...Parker Stevenson...Lance Kerwin...Shaun Cassidy

Parker In Pain! Parker Stevenson
Full-Page Article about hurting his ankle in a relay race, three candid photos

Bay City Rollers - Can They Make A Comeback?
Full-Page Article, two candid photos and a Cover Shot

Grapevine, news and candid photos featuring
Kiss...John Travolta...Marie Osmond...David Cassidy & Kay Lenz...Debby Boone...Carlene Carter...The Bee Gees...Mary McDonough...The Lettermen

Donny & Marie Taking Turns!
2-pages of fan letters answered by Donny Osmond & Marie Osmond, five candid pics

Janet Leaves Wonderland - Janet Johnson
Full-Page Article on leaving the role of Nancy Drew on The Hardy Boys, candid inset photo

Leif Garrett's Dating Woulds and Wouldn'ts
Full-Page List of his dating rules, two candid photos, plus a Cover Shot

Shaun Cassidy: He'll Make Time For The Right Girl!
Full-Page Article, three candid photos, plus a Cover Shot (wide-open shirt)

Tatum and Jeff: Their On-Screen Magic!
Tatum O'Neal and Jeffrey Byron co-starring in International Velvet
Full-Page Article, candid color pics of each

Scott Baio - Will His New Show Hit Or Miss?
Full-Page Article on Who's Watching The Kids, candid inset photo, plus a Cover Shot

Talking To...James McNichol & Kristy McNichol
2-page Interview, two candid photos together

Believe It Or Not! About John Travolta
Full-Page Feature, multiple thumbnail photos

Full-Page (or more!) Color Pinups scattered throughout the magazine, featuring

  • Leif Garrett
  • Bay City Rollers
  • Shaun Cassidy (2-page Vertical Pullout Centerfold)

  • Parker Stevenson
  • Scott Baio
  • Willie Aames

Hollywood Teen - The New Talk Show For Teens hosted by Jimmy McNichol
Full-Page Feature, article, five candid photos

Getting The Facts Straight On Woody of the Bay City Rollers
Full-Page Quiz, two candid photos

Clark's Friend Steve!
Half-Page Article featuring Clark Brandon and Steve Guttenberg
Candid shots of each

Tiger Beat Star Asks...Leif Garrett Answers!
Full-Page Interview, two candid photos

Willie Aames On Opening Night - First Concert Appearance
Full-Page Article, two candid photos

Lance Kerwin: He's A Frisbee Fan!
Full-Page Color Pictorial playing frisbee, six candid photos

Full-Page Collage of Color Quarter-Page Candid Pics featuring
Clark Brandon...Michael Biehn...Kristy McNichol...Debby Boone

Erik's Lucky Charm - Erik Estrada
Full-Page Article, large candid color inset photo


Bay City Rollers Erik's Lucky Charm (Erik Estrada)

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