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Daytime TV - September 1978
September 1978

The Latest News, candid photos featuring
Julie Montgomery & Gerald Anthony...Robin Strasser...Frank Telfer...Donald May and wife, Ellen...Tom Fuccello...Judith McConnell & Don Hastings...Josh Taylor (full-page article)...Judith Light...Denny Albee and wife, Sheila...James Douglas...Mart Hulswit...John Gabriel & Kathleen Noone...Karen Morris...Suzanne Davidson...Lois Kibbee & Lou Turenne...Dorothy Malone...Amy Gibson

Suds, Sweat & Tears!
All My Children, One Life To Live & Ryan's Hope lock horns in a bloodthirsty battle on Family Feud; 4-page article with candid photos during & after the show including
Richard Van Vleet...Kathleen Noone...Ruth Warrick...Hugh Franklin...Francesca James...Richard Dawson...Bernard Barrow...Nancy Addison...Michael Levin...Helen Gallagher...John Gabriel...Erika Slezak...Lee Patterson...Jennifer Harmon...Michael Storm...Kathy Glass

Backstage Romance
David Hasselhoff Flips Over His New Co-Star!
When pretty Roberta Leighton was cast as Snapper's love interest, she didn't know she'd fall for her leading man off-screen...
Full-Page Article; large candid inset photo together and a Cover Shot

Interview with Peggy Cass of The Doctors
4-pages; 4 candid photos

Backstage Romance
Steve Carlson "Discovers" Gail Ramsey
Full-Page Article; large candid inset photo together and a Cover Shot

Interview with Erika Slezak of One Life To Live
4-pages; Full-Page Photo with husband, more photos and a Cover Shot

A Warm Hug For Dessert
That's what our contest winners ordered - and got! - from
Tony Craig & Michael Gregory
3-page article; 3 candid photos

Saturday Night Fever - General Hospital's 15th Anniversary Bash
Candid photos featuring
Craig Huebing & Davey Davison...Denise Alexander & Richard Colla...Leslie Charleson & Bill Panzer...Jacklyn Zeman and beau, Murray...Chris Robinson and date, Sandy...Brooke Bundy...Rachel Ames & Barry Cahill...Josh Taylor...John Beradino and wife, Marjorie...Gerald Gordon & Nancy McCormick

Love Isn't Easy
2-pages of news/gossip and candid photos featuring
George Shannon and girlfriend, Ellen...John Cypher...Richard Dean Anderson & Denise Alexander (plus a Cover Shot)

Mike Douglas Honor Our Readers' Poll and presents gold statuettes; 5-page article with candid photos featuring Douglas and
Deidre Hall...Jed Allan...Agnes Nixon...Peter Marshall & Tony Randall...Paul Denis & Sanford Schwarz

Soap Opera Festival
3-pages on assorted fan events with candid photos featuring
Deidre Hall, Jed Allan, Jacqueline Courtney & Tom Hallick...Chandler Hill Harben, Michael Storm & Nick Benedict

ATWT - Will Dan & Susan Kiss & Make Up?
An astrologer checks the horoscopes of John Colenback & Marie Masters to find out; 4-page article; large candid inset photos of each

Inside Hollywood, news/gossip and candid photos featuring
Jaime Lyn Bauer & Joe LaDue...Angela Cheyne...Victoria Mallory...Jed Allan and wife & son...Jacklyn Zeman...Genie Francis & Richard Dean Anderson...Mark Tapscott & Margaret Mason...Chris Robinson & Denise Alexander

Interview with Sharon Gabet of The Edge of Night
3-pages; large candid inset photo w/ boyfriend, plus a Cover Shot

Exclusive Photos of Gene Rayburn's Whirlwind Holiday in China
4-pages; thirteen photos


Interview with Sharon Gabet (Raven on The Edge of Night) Interview with Erika Slezak (Viki on One Life To Live)

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