Weekday TV September 1976
September 1976

Weekday Happenings, news and candid photos featuring
Anthony Herrera & Sheila Palmer...Jean Stapleton & Paul Dumont...Jaime Lyn Bauer, Mark Evans, Sonny Bono & Susie Coehelo...Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth...Helen Gallagher & Larry Haines

Fan News, fan club news and addresses with candid photos featuring
George Reinholt and Louise Lasser

Daytime Dateline, news and candid photos featuring
Stanley Kamel...Emily McLaughlin & Burt Douglas...Beau Kayzer, brother Gary and record producer, Leonard Weisman...Pamela Solow and husband, Herb

Brenda Dickson Walks Out On Her Bridegroom
2-page Interview, two candid photos

At Last...A New Marriage For Deborah Courtney (Love Of Life)
3-page Interview, candid inset photo

Interview with Robert Clary of Days Of Our Lives
3-pages, candid inset photo

Interview with George Reinholt of One Life To Live
4-pages, two candid photos, plus a Cover Shot

AMC's Karen Gorney & Nick Benedict: Friends Or Lovers?
4-page Interview, four candid photos, plus a Cover Shot together

Karen Gorney's Dad Reveals Why - My Daughter Is A Very Special Young Woman!
5-page Interview, large half-page photo together plus two more pics of Karen

Interview with Barbara Rodell of As The World Turns
4-pages, Full-Page Photo plus three additional photos

Interview with Gail Brown of Another World
4-pages, four candid photos, plus a Cover Shot

Private Lives & Loves Of Daytime's Single Girls
4-page article with candid photos featuring
Kate Mulgrew...Jaime Lyn Bauer...Denise Alexander...Johanna Leister...Geraldine Court...Anna Stuart

Interview with Janice Lynde of The Young and The Restless
'The Truth About Me And William Gray Espy'
4-pages, Full-Page Photos of each, one more photo and a Cover Shot together

Interview with Forrest Compton of The Edge Of Night
3-pages, Full-Page Photo with wife, Jeanne, two more pics together and a Cover Shot

Interview with Ann Williams of Search For Tomorrow
5-pages, large half-page photo with her kids, plus three more pics together

This Month: The Passions Of Search For Tomorrow Stars
5-page article with candid photos featuring
Paul Dumont, Mary Stuart, Val Dufour & Mary Ellis Bunim...Tony George & Mary Stuart...Val Dufour & Morgan Fairchild...Mary Stuart & Larry Haines

Interview with Jeff Pomerantz of One Life To Live
2-pages on attending therapy, candid inset photo

This Month: Susan Lucci of All My Children
Mini-biography, vital stats, etc. - candid inset photo


Interview with George Reinholt of One Life To Live Karen Gorney's Dad Tells All

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