Afternoon TV Stars September 1975
September 1975

How A Bachelor Girl Handles Her TV Baby
Dorrie Kavanaugh of One Life To Live
2-pages, three candid photos with TV-daughter Kimaree Beyrent (Megan, OLTL)
Three candid photos together, plus a Cover Shot

How Kids Feel Seeing Mommy On TV
Individual articles with candid photos featuring
Charita Bauer...Bernard Grant and son, Mark...Jacqueline Courtney and mother

How To Get Your Own Child On A Soap Opera
Individual articles with candid photos featuring
Judith Barcroft and son...Jennifer Leigh Jennings & Penny Guerard...Marie Masters and her twins...Elizabeth Hubbard and son, Jeremy (plus a Cover Shot together)

Days Our Our Lives News
This Month's Guest Columnist - Edward Mallory
6-pages written by Mallory, near full-page photo plus three more pics
Additional candid photos featuring
Macdonald Carey & Lois Kraines...Jed Allan and wife, Toby...Suzanne Rogers & John Clarke...Susan Flannery & Frances Reid (full-page photo together)...Frances Reid, Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth...Wesley Eure & Patty Weaver...Susan Flannery & Norm Frisch

All My Children News, 5-pages with candid photos featuring
Susan Blanchard & Charles Frank (full-page photo together)...Stephanie Braxton & Dan Hamilton...Ruth Warrick & Sylvia Lawrence...Ray MacDonnell...Nick Benedict...Larry Keith

The Guiding Light News, 5-pages with candid photos featuring
Barbara Berjer (two photos)...Shane Nickerson...Maureen Silliman (three photos)

Another World News, 5-pages with candid photos featuring
Virginia Dwyer (interview on why her character was killed off)...Irene Dailey...Jacqueline Brookes...Ariane Munker...John Getz

Bonus Full-Page Color Pinup of Victoria Wyndham of Another World
Plus a Cover Shot

Bonus Full-Page Color Pinup of Search For Tomorrow co-stars
Mary Stuart & Tony George

Search For Tomorrow News, 5-pages with candid photos featuring
Chris Lowe and mother...Peter Simon & Courtney Sherman...Tony George...Steve Nisbet (four photos)...Meg Bennett & Michael Nouri

As The World Turns News, 4-pages with candid photos featuring
Eileen Fulton (full-page photo and seven more photos performing onstage)...Rita McLaughlin and mother, Ann...Tudi Wiggins & Anthony Herrera

Interview with Ed Kemmer of As The World Turns
3-pages with a near Full-Page Photo

The Young and The Restless News
This Month's Guest Columnist: Beau Kayzer
5-pages written by Kayzer, near Full-Page Photo with additional photos featuring
Brenda Dickson & Troy Donahue...Jim Houghton (two photos)...Janice Lynde & William Gray Espy

Interview with John Driver of The Edge Of Night
6-pages, five photos practicing martial arts

The Edge Of Night News, 2-pages with candid photos featuring
Linda Cook...John LaGioia & Michael Stroka...Dixie Carter...Pat Conwell & Lois Kibbee...Teri Keane

One Life To Live News, 5-pages with candid photos featuring
George Reinholt (near full-page photo)...Michael Storm and wife, Sally...Alice Hirson & Doris Belack

Somerset News, 4-pages with candid photos featuring
Tina Sloan & Joel Crothers...Crothers, Sloan, Lyle Hill, Gloria Hoye & Bibi Besch...James Congdon...Fawne Harriman...Michael Lipton...Audrey Landers & Gary Swanson

Love Of Life News, 6-pages with candid photos featuring
Audrey Peters...Peters & Ron Tomme...Pamela Lincoln...Earle Hyman...Sally Stark & Ron Harper...Elizabeth Kemp & Christopher Reeve...Tudi Wiggins & Jerry Lacy...Deborah Courtney & John Aniston

The Doctors News, 3-pages with candid photos featuring
Lydia Bruce (three photos)...Armand Assante (two photos)...David O'Brien, Elizabeth Hubbard and son, Jeremy...Roni Dengel

Bonus Full-Page Color Pinup of Elizabeth Hubbard of As The World Turns

Bonus Full-Page Color Pinup of Denise Alexander of General Hospital

General Hospital News
This Month's Guest Columnist: Denise Alexander
8-pages written by Alexander, candid photos featuring Alexander and
Rachel Ames & Barry Cahill...John Beradino & Rod McCary...Shelby Hiatt and husband, Marty...Peter Hansen and wife...Don Matheson & Diana Lund...John Beradino & Craig Huebing...Shelby Hiatt (five photos)


Beau Kayzer of The Young and The Restless Interview with John Driver (Kevin Jameson on The Edge Of Night)

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