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Afternoon TV August 1982
August 1982

Inside Front Cover:
Full-Page Color Pinup featuring Philece Sampler of Days Of Our Lives

Soap Bubbles, news and candid photos featuring
Rita Walter...Kristen Meadows & Bob Woods...Nancy Snyder...Michael Tylo...Jack Coleman...Rick Springfield...Lisa Denson...Tom Nielsen & LIsa Brown...David Hasselhoff...Catherine Hickland...Anthony Geary...Joseph Mascolo...Kin Shriner...Caryn Richman

Castmates Pay Tribute To Brenda Benet (Lee Dumonde, Days Of Our Lives) Full-Page Article on her death; candid inset photo

ATV's Viewer Forum, fan letters and candid photos featuring
Chris Bernau...Rick Springfield...Anthony Geary...Paul Rossilli...Tristan Rogers

Cover Story: Afternoon TV's 7th Annual Writers and Editors Awards
Individual articles and candid photos with their awards, featuring

James Mitchell - Best Actor (Palmer Cortlandt, AMC)
LIsa Brown - Best Actress (Nola Reardon, GL)
Elizabeth Lawrence - Best Supporting Actress (Myra Murdoch, AMC)

Richard Bekins - Best Supporting Actor (James Frame, AW)
Pamela Long - Best New Actress (Ashley Linden Marshall, TEXAS)
Larkin Malloy - Best New Actor (Schuyler Whitney, EON)

Jane Elliot - Best Actress In A Single Sequence (Carrie, GL)
Richard Shoberg - Best Actor In A Single Sequence (Tom, AMC)
Douglas Marland - Best Serial Writer (Guiding Light)

Interview with One Life To Live co-stars
Michael Storm & Judith Light
4-pages; large candid inset photo together plus six more photos
And a Cover Shot

Search For Tomorrow Surreys Over To NBC!
2-pages of photos at a party, featuring
Sherry Mathis & Rod Arrants...Nikki Goulet & Larry Haines...Mary Stuart...Doug Stevenson...Marie Cheatham...Marcus Smythe...Cynthia Gibb, Lisa Peluso & Gene Pietragallo...Fred Bartholomew...John Aniston

Interview with Mitch Litrofsky of Search For Tomorrow
2-pages; two candid photos

The Edge Of Night's Murderously Marvelous 26th Anniversary
Candid party photos featuring
Ann Flood...John Rensenhouse & Mariann Aalda...Dennis Parker & Susan Macdonald...Lisa Sloan, Joel Crothers & Lori Loughlin...Dennis Parker, Ann Flood & Joel Crothers...Richard Borg & Marion Lines

Interview with Louise Shaffer of Ryan's Hope
4-pages; five candid photos

Interview with Lilibet Stern of The Young & The Restless
3-pages; four candid photos

Days Of Our Lives - The Murderous Masquerade Ball!
A mix of color and b&w photos featuring
Melinda Fee...Jack Coleman...Thaao Penghlis & Gloria Loring...Joe Gallison & Lanna Saunders...Macdonald Carey & Frances Reid...Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth Hayes...entire cast photo in costume

Interview with Tristan Rogers of General Hospital
4-pages; six candid photos (most in color), plus a Cover Shot

From Guiding Light - Nola's Fantasies Continued
Full-Page of Candid Color Photos featuring
Lisa Brown and John Wesley Shipp

Interview with Craig Augustine of The Edge of Night
3-pages; three candid photos

Interview with Elaine Princi of As The World Turns
3-pages; large candid inset photo plus two addtional photos

The Critical - Our Newest Soap: Capitol
3-page critique of the show with photos including
David Mason Daniels...Deborah Mullowney...Kimberly Beck-Hilton...Nicholas Walker...Carolyn Jones

From Another World: Rachel Rescues Matthew...
And Goes From One Love To Another! 2-pages of photos featuring
Victoria Wyndham and William Gray Espy

Interview with Carol McCluer of All My Children
3-pages; large candid inset photo plus four additional photos

Dark Shadows Returns To Haunt!
A star-studded cast of ghouls returns from the grave for an encore performance, 2-page article with photos featuring
Jonathan Frid...Louis Edmonds...David Henesy...Lara Parker...David Selby...Grayson Hall

Interview with David Lewis of General Hospital
3-pages; four candid photos

Inside Rear Cover: Full-Page Color Pinup of All My Children co-stars
Carol McCluer & Richard Van Vleet

Rear Cover: Full-Page Color Pinup featuring As The World Turns co-stars
Robert Lipton & Lisa Loring


Interview with Michael Storm & Judith Light (Larry & Karen on One Life To Live) Interview with Tristan Rogers (Robert Scorpio on General Hospital)

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VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

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