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Soap Opera Stars August 1980
August 1980

Sneak Peeks, news and candid photos featuring
Candice Earley...Ernie Townsend...Ruth Warrick, Walter Matthau & Sara Stimpson...Susan Keith...Deborah Hobart...Clint Ritchie...Jacqueline Courtney & Linda Dano...Eileen Fulton...Chris Pennock shirtless in jeans, large half-page photo

Hollywood Private Eye, news/gossip and candid photos featuring
Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth Hayes...Doug Sheehan...Jed Allan...Josh Taylor...Susan O'Hanlon...Jaime Lyn Bauer...John McCook & Laurette Spang...Chris Robinson & Rhonda Plasterer...Ellen Weston & Joe LaDue

Interview with Jacklyn Zeman of Genreal Hospital
"Coming Home"
Large Candid Inset Photo and additional photo with husband, Murray Kaufman

Soap Opera Heat Wave - Gearing Up For The Sexiest Summer Yet
Candid Photos featuring
Richard Guthrie...Genie Francis...Sharon Gabet...Anthony Geary...Robert Burton

Sex On The Soaps - Are The Shows Getting Too Hot To Handle?
In-depth article with large candid photos featuring
Christopher Reeve shirtless...Michael Levin & Nicolette Goulet...John McCook & Jaime Lyn Bauer...William Espy & Lee Crawford

Interview with Robert Burton of One Life To Live
"The Show Must Go On!"
Huge Candid Inset Photo, near full-page, and additional photos

Here Come The Kids
The Daytime 'Teen Takeover' Is Giving Some Established Stars The Blues
Large Candid Photos and remarks of
Eileen Fulton...Ann Flood...John Gabriel...Ruth Warrick...Lois Kibbee...Jim Pritchett

Interview with Doug Davidson of The Young & The Restless
"I'm Not Ready To Settle Down!"
Large Candid Inset Photo with stars Jeanne Cooper & Jacklyn Zeman
Plus an additional photo

Interview with Richard Guthrie of Days Of Our Lives
"Summer's No Time To Feel Down"
Near Full-Page Photo and additional photos

Hats Off To Summer - Daytime's Lovelies Gear Up By Dressing Down
Large Candid Photos featuring
Deidre Hall...Kathryn Hays...Randall Edwards...Kristen Meadows

Love Letters To Anthony Geary of General Hospital
Letters written by fans; 4 large candid photos

Interview with Genie Francis of General Hospital
"I'll Always Remember My First Weekend Away From Home"
Huge Candid Inset Photo, more than half-page, and additional photos

Interview with Gwyn Gilliss of All My Children
"Remaking A Mad Woman"
Huge Candid Inset Photo and additional photos

Storybook Lovers
Nick Benedict's Love For Jennifer Lind Is A Fantasy Come True
Article; near full-page photo together

Interview with Brynn Thayer of One Life To Live
"On The Town"
Large Candid Inset Photo with Gerald Anthony
Additional large candid photo with goddaughter, Kimberly

Interview with Margo McKenna of Edge Of Night
"I Don't Feel Right If I'm Not Working"
Huge Candid Inset Photo, more than half-page, and additional photos

A Match Made In Heaven
Roberta Leighton Can Honestly Say Her New Boyfriend's An Angel!
Article; near full-page photo with boyfriend, Gregg Giuffria of the band, Angel

Latest Cast Lists Of Every Serial, candid photos including
Anthony Herrera...Judith McConnell...David Hasselhoff

The Letter Box - Letters from fans and large candid photos featuring
Jeanne Cooper & Beau Kayzer...Taylor Miller...Roberta Leighton

Help Choose The Winners in our Talent Poll
2-pages of nominees and candid photos featuring
Judith Light...Matthew Cowles...Beverlee McKinsey...Stuart Damon & Leslie Charleson

Soaps Alive! Full-Page Article with candid photos featuring
Denny Albee and Andrea Evans

Going Away Party for Jennifer Houlton of The Doctors
Large Candid Photos featuring Houlton and guests
David O'Brien...Jim Storm & Ben Thomas

Here's To The Ladies Who Brunch!
Gail Rae Carlson sent husband, Steve Carlson, packing so she
could have a special luncheon, just for the ladies!
Article; menu and huge candid inset photo of the pair together

Last Looks, individual articles and large candid photos featuring
Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth Hayes...Victoria Wyndham & Christine Jones...Kim Zimmer...Wayne Sherman, Dawn Jeffory, Louise Hoven & Bianca Ferguson...Doug Davidson shirtless in jeans...Rick Anderson...Margaret Klenck...Jerry Lacy


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