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Daytime TV - August 1979
August 1979

The Latest News, candid photos featuring
Julia Barr & Mark LaMura...Jayne Bentzen...Millette Alexander & Chris Bernau...Ray Heatherton, Maeve McGuire & Margaret Klenck...Brian Murray & Lynn Milgrim...Randall Edwards 2-piece string bikini...Douglass Watson, Beverlee McKinsey & Victoria Wyndham...John Gabriel, Kathleen Noone, Jack Magee & Francesca James...Steve Fletcher & Brynn Thayer...Gerald Anthony & Judith Light 2 photos together...Lionel Johnston...Candice Earley & fans...Tom O'Rourke...Pamela Lincoln & Larry Weber...Dorothy Fielding, Philip English, John Shearin, Jennifer Houlton, Shawn Campbell, Pam Lincoln, Jada Rowland & David O'Brien...A.C. Weary...Tudi Wiggins...Stephanie Braxton & Joe Lambie...Trish Hawkins...Richard Van Vleet & William Griffis...Fred Scollay...Joel Crothers & Ann Williams

A Fight To The Finish!
Complete List of Nominees and Winners of the 1979 Daytime Emmy Awards
Candid photos featuring
Al Freeman Jr...Irene Dailey...Dick Clark...Phil Donahue...Suzanne Rogers...Peter Hansen

Interview with Chris Robinson of General Hospital
5-pages; Full-Page Photo, additional photos and a Cover Shot

Interview with Richard Backus of Another World
4-pages; near Full-Page Photo and additional photo

Where Are They Now? News/updates and candid photos of
Sam Groom & Donna Mills...Dale Robinette...Kathryn Harrold screen capture with James Garner

TV Newlyweds...And Their Real-Life Romances
Interviews with All My Children stars
Jack Magee and Tricia Pursley
Multiple candid photos and multi-page interviews with each
Plus a Cover Shot together

Look Who's In Love: Real-Life Romances, Weddings & Baby News
Candid photos featuring
Denise Pence & Steve Boockvor...Leslie Charleson & Stuart Damon shirtless...Richard Van Vleet & wife, Kris

Daytime TV Story Bonus: Woman In Torment - One Life To Live
6-page article; near Full-Page Photo of co-stars
Judith Light & Michael Storm
Plus additional photos and a Cover Shot together

Celebrating the 1,000th Episode of Ryan's Hope
Candid photos at the party featuring
Ellen Barrett...Jadrien Steele...Sarah Felder...Tom McGreevy & Ron Hale...David Rasche, Nicolette Goulet & Michael Levin

Interview with exiting Edge of Night star Lori Cardille
3-pages; near Full-Page Photo

Exit Interview with Nick Benedict of All My Children
Half-Page; candid inset photo

Exit Interview with Tom Fuccello of OLTL
Half-Page; candid inset photo

Soap Opera Festival
2-page article on assorted fan events with candid photos featuring
Deidre Hall and the children of columnist, Joyce Becker...Nick Benedict & Chris Wallace

Interview with Josh Taylor of Days Of Our Lives
4-pages; Full-Page Photo, additional photos (shirtless) plus a Cover Shot

Full-Page Photo of the cast of Days Of Our Lives, including
Don Frabotta...Tracy Bregman...Joe Gallison...Mary Frann...Elaine Princi...Jed Allan...Wesley Eure...Deidre Hall...Edward Mallory...Bill Hayes...Richard Guthrie...Mark Tapscott...Suzanne Rogers...John Clarke...Macdonald Carey...Frances Reid...Susan Seaforth Hayes...more

Interview with Shawn Campbell of The Doctors
4-pages; Full-Page Photo and additional photos

Inside Hollywood, news and candid photos featuring
Jed Allan & wife...Eileen Barnett...John McCook & Laurette Spang...Richard Guthrie...David Hasselhoff & Wings Hauser...Jacklyn Zeman & Asher Brauner...Patty Weaver...Melody Thomas & Quinn Redeker...Brenda Dickson 2 photos...Wings Hauser & Nancy Dalziel...Pat Everly & Robert Colbert...John McCook, Laurette Spang & Roberta Leighton...John McCook, Jaime Lyn Bauer & Tom Ligon...Suzanne Zenor & Wesley Eure

Interview with Susan O'Hanlon of General Hospital
4-pages; large candid inset photo with husband

Daytime TV Story Bonus: The Final Betrayal - Guiding Light
How much anguish must a woman endure? Holly knew Roger had lied and been unfaithful many times, but then he commited the most unspeakable sin of all...4-page article; large candid inset photos featuring co-stars
Michael Zaslow & Maureen Garrett
Plus a Cover Shot

Readers' Poll Results - Best Actor, Best Actress, etc. with candid photos of
Rod Arrants...Lee Patterson...Genie Francis

Full-Page Article on actress Ellen Weston of Y&R
2 candid photos

Interview with Colleen Zenk of As The World Turns
4-pages; Large Candid Inset Photo plus a Cover Shot


Interview with Chris Robinson (Dr. Rick Webber on General Hospital) Interview with Colleen Zenk (Barbara Ryan on As The World Turns)

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