August 1975

Talk Of The Day New York, news and candid photos featuring
Pat Conwell & Lois Kibbee...Judith Barcroft and husband...Stefan Schnabel...Antony Ponzini & Sharon Debord...Art James and wife, Jane...Ken Kercheval & Jennifer Harmon...David O'Brien & Geraldine Court...Marie Thomas & Palmer Deane

Eileen Fulton Plays The Persian Room
Article and three candid photos including Fulton and guests
Anthony Herrera...Kathryn Hays...Rita McLaughlin

Talk Of The Day California, news and candid photos featuring
Susan Seaforth, Trish Stewart & Peter Hansen...John Beradino & Emily McLaughlin...Steve Carlson & Pam Peters...Kaye Stevens, Wesley Eure & Jack Oakie...Brenda Dickson

Interview with Charita Bauer of The Guiding Light
2-pages; two candid photos

Interview with John Beradino of General Hospital
3-pages; six candid photos with family

Interview with Tom Hallick of The Young and The Restless
5-pages; four candid photos, plus a Cover Shot

Interview with Paulette Breen of All My Children
4-pages; four candid photos and a Cover Shot

Interview with Macdonald Carey of Days Of Our Lives
4-pages; five candid photos and a Cover Shot

Interview with Diane Rousseau of Love Of Life
4-pages; four candid photos, plus a Cover Shot

Interview with Fawne Harriman of Somerset
3-pages; four candid photos

Interview with Dixie Carter of The Edge Of Night
4-pages; four candid photos

A Day On Love Of Life
5-page article with candid photos featuring
Tudi Wiggins & Jerry Lacy...Audrey Peters & Ron Tomme...Birgitta Tolksdorf...John Aniston...Pam Lincoln & Jonathan Moore...Romola Robb Allrud...Brian Farrell & Deborah Courtney...Elizabeth Kemp & Christopher Reeve...Diane Rousseau & Ray Wise...Kenneth McMillan...Earle Hyman...Joanna Roos


Interview with Tom Hallick (Brad on The Young and The Restless) Interview with Paulette Breen (Claudette Montgomery on All My Children)

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