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Day TV August 1975
August 1975

The Gossip Truth, news and candid photos featuring
Sally Struthers, Kaye Stevens, Richard Dawson & Betty White...Judy Lewis & Stephen McHattie...Lauren Bacall & Arlene Francis...Burt Convy and wife...Elizabeth Montgomery & Robert Foxworth...Beau Kayzer, Donna Mills & John Conboy...Ann Flood...Tommy Lee Jones...Jeanne Cooper and kids

Just Ask Us, fan letters and candid photos featuring
Trish Stewart...Macdonald Carey...Rachel Ames...Peter Marshall

Interview with George Reinholt of One Life To Live
3-pages; Full-Page Photo plus three additional photos

We Visit All My Children
6-page article with candid photos including
William Mooney...Mary Fickett...Chris Hubbell...Charles Frank...Stephanie Braxton...Eileen Letchworth...Paulette Breen...Susan Blanchard

Interview with James Houghton of The Young & The Restless
4-pages; large candid inset photo, two additional photos and a Cover Shot

Interview with Janice Lynde of The Young & The Restless
3-pages; Full-Page Photo with her dog, plus one additional photo

Interview with Wesley Eure of Days Of Our Lives
2-pages; three candid photos and a Cover Shot

Five Cherished Recipes From Carolee's Own Cookbook
Carolee Campbell of The Doctors
Full-Page Feature; candid inset photo

Interview with Steve Carlson of The Young & The Restless
4-pages; Full-Page Photo with girlfriend, Jane
Five more photos together, plus a Cover Shot

News Of The Day, individual articles with candid photos featuring
Donna Theodore...Eileen Fulton and husband, Danny...Lynn Deerfield and husband, Bill...Armand Assante & Joyce Becker...John Driver...Dinah Shore...Suzanne Rogers...Michael Stroka

Interview with Susan Flannery of Days Of Our Lives
3-pages; two large candid photos

Interview with Victoria Shaw of General Hospital
4-pages; near Full-Page Photo, two more photos and a Cover Shot

Interview with game show host Alex Trebek
3-pages; two candid photos

A Brand New Daytime Drama - Ryan's Hope
Full-Page Article


Interview with George Reinholt (Lucas Randolph on the soap opera, One Life To Live) Interview with Janice Lynde (Leslie Brooks on the soap opera, The Young & The Restless)

Mailing Label? - NO
Storage wear to the cover, 2-pages removed from the issue; otherwise, everything described above is intact and complete and in VERY GOOD condition with no rips or creases.

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