July 1982

General Hospital Stars Celebrate Success - candid photos at assorted events, featuring
Philip Tanzini, Demi Moore & Anthony Geary...Sharon Wyatt and boyfriend, Steve...Chris Robinson & Loanne Bishop...Anthony Geary & Ruth Warrick

All My Children - Lost In The Past
In Palmer Cortlandt's mind he was still married to Daisy - and, as always, she brought out the beast in him! 3-page article with candid photos featuring
James Mitchell & Taylor Miller...Gillian Spencer...Candice Earley & Richard Van Vleet...Miller & Peter Bergman

Interview with Dorothy Lyman of All My Children
Full-Page Feature, candid inset photo with actress Dixie Carter

AMC - Mark's Plea: I Want To Be A Father!
Mark and Ellen Dalton had a perfect marriage - until he discovered that motherhood wasn't on Ellen's agenda! 3-page article with candid photos featuring
Mark LaMura & Kathleen Noone (2 photos together)...LaMura, Susan Lucci & Michael Minor

Who's News, candid photos at assorted events, featuring
Gerald Anthony...Alan Dysert...Kathleen Noone, Gillian Spencer & Francesca James...Mary Gordon Murray...Taylor Miller & Robert S. Woods...Sharon Gabet & Chris Bernau...Anthony Herrera & Zsa Zsa Gabor

Another World - Pretty Poison
Cecile's games almost cost James his life. Now she would have to pay with her marriage. 2-page article with candid photos featuring
Nancy Frangione & Chris Rich and Richard Bekins

AW: An Old Love - A New Beginning!
After years of separation and unbelievable heartbreak, Alice and Steve vowed never to be apart again! 3-page article, near Full-Page Photo of co-stars
David Canary & Linda Borgeson
Plus additional photos featuring
Douglass Watson...George Reinholt & Victoria Wyndham...Reinholt & Jacqueline Courtney

As The World Turns - The Oakdale Connection: Drowning In A Sea Of Intrigue!
James had only wanted to smuggle a few diamonds - but before long, he was trapped in a tangled web of international crime, 3-page article with candid photos featuring
Anthony Herrera...Herrera & Margaret Colin...Herrera & Colleen Zenk...Colin & Justin Deas

Who's News Soap Stars Two By Two - candid photos at assorted events, featuring
Colleen Zenk & Michael Crouch...Dorian Lopinto and fiance, Nick...Rod Arrants & Patricia Estrin...Kathleen Cullen and husband, Tim

Days Of Our Lives - Rendezvous With Danger
Marlena Evans' compassion was one of the reasons she was such a wonderful doctor - but it was also the reason her life was in danger! 2-page article with candid photos of
Deidre Hall and Wayne Northrop

Daytime Gourmet, candid photos and recipes featuring
Lisa Loring...James Horan...Robert S. Woods

The Doctors - Just A Gigolo
Billy switched loyalties and lovers as easily as the wind switches directions. For him, love was a means to further his ambitions. 2-page article with candid photos featuring
Alec Baldwin...Baldwin & Kim Zimmer...Elizabeth Hubbard

Edge Of Night - Murder On The Mountain
Sky Whitney took his wife Raven on a romantic second honeymoon in St. Moritz. But his motive wasn't romance - it was murder! 3-page article with candid photos featuring
Larkin Malloy & Sharon Gabet (four photos)

General Hospital - Where Is Laura Spencer?
Everything in Laura Spencer's life was perfect - except for the unsettling fact that a stranger was following her. Three page article, large candid inset photo of star Genie Francis, plus additional photos featuring
Anthony Geary...Elizabeth Taylor...Geary & Kin Shriner

GH: Walking A Tightrope
When Anne Logan's life started crumbling around her, she underwent a radical personality change that turned a bad situation into a disaster!
2-page article, three candid photos featuring co-stars
Susan Pratt, Richard Dean Anderson & Philip Tanzini...Pratt & Tanzini...Pratt alone

Interview with Anthony Geary of General Hospital
2-pages, four candid photos

Guiding Light: Carrie's Cry Of Pain
Carrie Todd accidentally caused the death of two people. Although they were cruel and unscrupulous human beings who probably deserved their fates, she couldn't live with the guilt. 3-page article with candid photos featuring
Jane Elliot...Jerry ver Dorn...Maeve Kinkead...Sofia Landon

GL: Running Scared!
Although Alan Spaulding was a changed man because of his love for Hope - he couldn't escape his past. 4-pages, large candid inset photo of star Chris Bernau, plus additional photos featuring
Don Stewart...Michael Zaslow & Maureen Garrett

Soap Opera Forum, fan letters and candid photos featuring
Richard Bekins...Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth Hayes...Jennifer Cooke...Sherry Mathis & Rod Arrants...Michael Damian...Tristan Rogers

One Life To Live - The Parent Trap
Brad Vernon knew the one secret that, with a single stroke, could destroy the people he hated most - and the person he loved most.
3-page article with candid photos featuring
Gerald Anthony & Judith Light...Brynn Thayer & Denny Albee...Steve Fletcher

OLTL: The Executioner Stalks Karen And Larry
"All the years of planning," Ivan hissed gleefully. "It's all working perfectly, like a giant chess game - and I am in control!" 3-page article with candid photos featuring
Judith Light & Michael Storm...Jack Betts...Storm & Kristen Meadows...Light & Gerald Anthony

Ryan's Hope: Wilde And "Passionate" - Rx For Trouble
Roger Coleridge saved Barbara Wilde's life. In return, she slapped him with a malpractice suit! 3-page article with candid photos featuring
John Gabriel & Judith Barcroft...Ron Hale

Search For Tomorrow - Torn Between Two Lovers
The mother of his child or his first true love - who will Lee choose?
2-page article with candid photos featuring
Doug Stevenson & Patsy Pease...Stevenson & Marcia McCabe

Texas - Death Rides The Range
A classic battle between good and evil was raging in Houston - and it was winner take all!
2-page article with candid photos featuring
Barbara Rucker...Philip English...Robert Burton...Diane Thompson Neil

Y&R: A Family Affair
April finally located her long lost sister - but the discovery could ruin her marriage!
2-page article with three photos including Doug Davidson

Photo Finish with Genie Francis of General Hospital
Full-Page Feature, four candid photos


As The World Turns featuring Anthony Herrera (James Stenbeck) The Doctors featuring Alec Baldwin (Billy Aldrich)

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