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Rona Barrett's Daytimers July 1981
Rona Barrett's DAYTIMERS
July 1981

Rona's Daytimers, news and candid photos featuring
Nick Benedict and fiance, Jennifer...Doug Davidson...John Beradino...Gail Rae Carlson...Roberta Leighton...Bibi Besch...Joe Gallison & Jean Bruce Scott...Todd Davis & Lieux Dressler...Rod Arrants, Sharon Gabet, Victoria Wyndham & Chris Robinson...Richard Sarradet & Sarah Simmons...Peter Bergman & Robert S. Woods...Kin Shriner & Jerry Ayers...Emily McLaughlin...Jacklyn Zeman...Lisa Loring and daughter, Vanessa...John Gibson...Mark Hamill and wife & son...John Wesley Shipp shirtless & wet in speedo, head-to-toe shot, barefoot

Rags To Riches - Daytimers Who Struggled For Success
Interviews and candid photos featuring
Paul Stevens...Marie Cheatham (plus a Cover Shot)...Susan Keith...Laura Malone...Robin Strasser...Tom Nielsen...Robert Gentry...Ben Thomas...Michael Stark

A Second Surprise Pregnancy For Erika Slezak
Full-Page Article; large candid inset photo with husband, Brian Davies
Plus a Cover Shot

Interview with Marcia McCabe of Search For Tomorrow
3-pages; 5 candid photos

Interview with Tristan Rogers of General Hospital
3-pages; 5 candid photos, plus a Cover Shot

Bonus Color Pinup of Texas co-stars Kin Shriner & Caryn Richman
Full-Page Photo together

Daytime Producers Meet The Press!
The Hollywood Women's Press Club Presented A Prestigious Panel!
Candid photos at the event featuring
Linda Murro...Jaime Lyn Bauer, Maxine Thomas & John Conboy...Al Rabin, Gloria Monty, Lorraine Zenka & Denise Alexander...Susan Seaforth Hayes, John Conboy, Denise Alexander, Virginia Browne & Linda Hamner...Bill Hayes...Denise Alexander & Susan Seaforth Hayes...Marvin Paige

Interview with Frank Runyeon of As The World Turns
3-pages; 5 candid photos

Interview with Sofia Landon of Guiding Light
2-pages; 2 candid photos

One Minute Interview with Rick Springfield of General Hospital
Full-Page Feature; large candid inset photo

The New Yorkers, news/gossip and candid photos featuring
Ted LePlat & Jill Andrea...Denny Albee & Peter Bergman...Paul Sparer...William Gray Espy & Taylor Miller...Kin Shriner...Sharon Gabet...Thor Fields & David O'Brien...Ruth Warrick & Michael Minor...Philip MacHale & Lee Purcell

The Rich Get Richer!
Daytimers' reluctance to discuss money, inheritances & family businesses
Candid photos and mini-interviews featuring
Richard Bekins...Terry Lester...Victoria Wyndham...Richard Simmons...Kin Shriner...Meg Bennett...Erika Slezak

One Man's Opinion - Trying To Follow That Guiding Light
Full-Page Editorial; candid inset photo of star Kristen Vigard

Just Asking! Fan letters and candid photos featuring
Candice Earley...Anthony Geary...Andrea Evans, Wayne Massey and his son, Judd...Allen Fawcett & Robert Klein...Gil Gerard...Michael Corbett...Jacklyn Zeman

Healthy In Hollywood by Gail Rae Carlson
2-page article; candid inset photo of Carlson & another of Jacklyn Zeman

Station/Breaks, full-page of primetime news; large candid inset photo of
Tracey E. Bregman and actress Melissa Sue Anderson

Collectors' Corner, fan requests and candid photos featuring
Robert S. Woods...Roberta Leighton...Steve Carlson...Margaret Klenck...Rick Porter...Sherry Mathis

Interview with Mark Arnold of The Edge of Night
Full-Page Color Photo and additional photos, plus a Cover Shot

Bonus Color Pinup of Randall Edwards of Ryan's Hope
Full-Page Photo

Interview with Kristen Meadows of One Life To Live
3-pages; 4 candid photos, plus a Cover Shot

Interview with Elizabeth Hubbard of The Doctors
3-pages; 4 candid photos

Astrologically Speaking...
What the stars forecast for your favorite daytimers, individual articles with candid photos of
William Gray Espy...Gloria Loring...Ron Hale...Erika Slezak...Henderson Forsythe...Patty Weaver...Doug Davidson...Sherry Mathis...Ted LePlat...Jennifer Runyon...John Beradino...Andrea Evans

Interview with Christopher Knight of Another World
2-pages; 3 candid photos

Oooh, Those Hungry Years!
Before they became our favorite daytimers, they did whatever they could to make ends meet
Candid photos and remarks of
Kin Shriner...Richard Bekins...Caryn Richman...Anthony Geary...Timothy Patrick Murphy


Kristen Meadows (Mimi, OLTL) Rick Springfield (Dr. Noah Drake, GH)

Mailing Label? - NO
VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

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