July 1981

The Latest News/gossip and candid photos featuring
Nancy Snyder & Stephen Schnetzer...Mary Murray...Sofia Landon & Michael Stark...Margaret Mason and husband, Nick...Brynn Thayer and dog...Geraldine Court & Kathleen Cullen...Doug Sheehan and girlfriend, Kate (full-page article)...Rod Arrants & Nicollette Goulet...Doug Davidson...Marie Masters & Robert Lipton...Julie Ridley...Peter Bergman & Taylor Miller...Christopher Atkins & Lori Loughlin...Deidre Hall & William Joyce...David Winn and wife & kids...Jeanne Cooper and daughter, Caren...Phil Carey and daughter, Shannon...Chris Robinson and wife, Rhonda

Interview with Dennis Cole of The Young & The Restless
3-pages; 6 candid photos, including children and ex-wife, Jaclyn Smith

The Wedding of One Life To Live co-stars
Andrea Evans & Wayne Massey
as told by OLTL star Mary Murray
Near Full-Page Photo of Evans & Massey plus 4 additional photos

After lots of setbacks, Jacklyn Zeman discovers living well is the best revenge - Full-Page Photo and 3 additional photos

Interview with Anthony Herrera of As The World Turns
3-pages; 6 candid photos

Interview with Susan Pratt of General Hospital
2-pages; 2 candid photos

Interview with Charita Bauer of Guiding Light
2-pages; 3 candid photos

Look Who's In and candid photos featuring
Colleen Zenk & Michael Crouch and Doug Stevenson & Nancy Lepp

Interview with Julia Barr of All My Children
2-pages; large candid inset photo

Interview with talk-show host John Davidson
3-pages; large candid inset photo with his wife & children

If Looks Could Kill...
These soap opera sex kittens have it made!
Candid photos featuring
Susan Lucci...Sharon Gabet...Randall Edwards...Robin Strasser

Role Call - Complete Cast Lists For All Shows On The Air

Soap Opera Festival by Joyce Becker
2-pages of news from different fan events with candid photos of
Richard Simmons...Chris Robinson & Sharon Gabet

Inside Hollywood, news/gossip and candid photos featuring
Deidre Hall & Willliam Joyce...Doug Davidson & Lilibet Stern...Suzanne Rogers and husband, Sam...Meg Bennett & Nick Benedict...Susan Pratt & Lisa Lindgren...Tristan Rogers and wife, Barbara...Renee Anderson & Anthony Geary...Andre Landzaat...Margaret Mason, Joe Gallison, Robin Mattson, Stuart Damon, Denise Alexander, Jed Allan, Victoria Mallory, Nick Benedict, Tom Ligon & Jacklyn Zeman (half-page photo together)...Leslie Charleson...Patty Weaver...Jed Allan & Margaret Mason...Terry Lester shirtless

Solid Gold Gossip, candid photos and remarks featuring
Marilyn Chris...Eileen Fulton...Genie Francis...Mallory Jones...Stephen Yates...Gerald Anthony & Brynn Thayer...Gregg Marx...Anthony Call...Terry Lester...Mary Linda Rappelye


Interview with Dennis Cole (Lance Prentiss on The Young & The Restless) Interview wth Anthony Herrera (James Stenbeck on As The World Turns)

Mailing Label? - NO
" Number 34 written at the very top of the cover.
One picture cut out of the Latest News section, not mentioned in the description.
All described above is intact and in VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.