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Rona Barrett's Daytimers July 1979
Rona Barrett's DAYTIMERS
July 1979

Rona's Daytimers, news and candid photos featuring
Jaime Lyn Bauer & John Conboy...Mike Douglas, Gene Simmons & Cher...Tracey Bregman and father, Buddy...Todd Davis & Rosalind Miles...Deidre Hall...Brenda Dickson and husband...Suzanne Rogers...Wesley Eure & Elizabeth Harrower...Roberta Leighton, Wings Hauser and fiance, Nancy...Chris Marlowe...Beau Kayzer...Gail Rae...Josh Taylor & Tom Selleck...Kin Shriner & Jacklyn Zeman...David Hasselhoff...Brooke Bundy...Alex Trebek, Deidre Hall & Jed Allan

One Shots, individual articles with candid photos featuring
Pat Falken Smith...Tony Craig...Ethel Remey passes away

It's Party Time At As The World Turns and The Edge Of Night
They're still going strong after 23 years, candid party photos featuring
Helen Wagner & Don MacLaughlin...Forrest Compton, Ann Flood, Mandel Kramer & Lois Kibbee...Ann Williams & Joel Crothers...Joe Lambie...Don Hastings...Robert Lipton

Interview with Susan Plantt-Winston of All My Children
2-Pages; Full-Page Photo and three additional photos

Cover Story: Josh Taylor & Jed Allan of Days Of Our Lives
4-Pages; Interview, Full-Page Photo together
Eight additional photos (most in color), plus The Cover Shot

Collectors' Corner, fan requests and candid photos featuring
Richard Dean Anderson...Lee Warrick...Donna Mills...Karen Morris...John E. Dunn...Kathleen Dezina

Second Take, candid photos and remarks/quotes featuring
Beverly Penberthy...Richard Shoberg...Rachel Ames...Rod Arrants...Candice Earley...Joe LaDue

The Way They Were: Julianna McCarthy of The Young & The Restless
5-page Interview; Full-Page Photo plus a dozen more from childhood-present

Interview with Ann Flood of The Edge Of Night
4-pages; seven candid photos

The New Yorkers, news/gossip and candid photos featuring
Kipp Whitman...Shawn Campbell...Audrey Peters...Dorothy Lyman...Nicolette Goulet...Larry Webber...Jayne Bentzen...Don Stewart...Vicki Dawson & Douglass Watson...Dennis Cooney & Rita Walter...Julie Montgomery...Wayne Hudgins...David O'Brien...Tony George...Tom Fuccello...Daniel Hugh Kelly

One Minute Interview with Dr. Irene Kassorla of General Hospital
Full-Page Feature; candid inset photo

Just Asking, fan letters and candid photos featuring
Jane Badler...Jim O'Sullivan...Liz Kemp & Christopher Reeve...Shawn Campbell & Brian Lima...Wings Hauser...John Clarke, Susan Seaforth Hayes & Jed Allan...Barbara Stanger, Adrienne LaRussa, Mark Tapscott & Corinne Conley...Daren Kelly...Sharon Gabet

90-Minute Another World: Too Much Of A Good Thing?
2-page article with candid photos featuring
Maeve Kinkead & Harding LeMay...Dorothy Lyman, Lionel Johnston & Victoria Wyndham...Jacqueline Courtney & George Reinholt...Douglass Watson

One Minute Interview with Steven Burleigh of Search For Tomorrow
Full-Page Feature; candid inset photo

Interview with Eileen Fulton of As The World Turns
3-pages; Full-Page Photo, head-to-toe shot
Plus seven more photos, most in color

Interview with Stuart Damon of General Hospital
4-pages; Full-Page Photo, head-to-toe shot jogging
Plus seven more photos, most in color

Daytimer Of The Month: Sarah Felder of Ryan's Hope
Full-Page Photo

Soap Opera Festival At Marineland - Surf, Sands and Soap Suds!
Candid photos featuring
David Hasselhoff & Roberta Leighton...Jacklyn Zeman, Richard Dean Anderson, Deidre Hall & David Hasselhoff...Jed Allan & Richard Dean Anderson...Allan alone...Anderson & Deidre Hall

Interview with Michael Storm of One Life To Live
3-pages; Large Half-Page Candid Photo plus four more photos

Station Break, news and candid photos featuring
Linda Purl & Shawn Cassidy...Lloyd Battista...Tracey Bregman...William Russ

Interview with Susan Seaforth Hayes of Days Of Our Lives
Full-Page Feature; candid inset photo


Interview with Eileen Fulton (Lisa Colman on As The World Turns) Interview with Stuart Damon (Alan Quartermaine on General Hospital)

Mailing Label? - NO
VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

  • 7-79 Rona Barrett's Daytimers JED ALLAN-JOSH TAYLOR
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