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Daytime TV July 1975
July 1975

The Latest News, candid photos featuring
George Reinholt & Jacqueline Courtney...Mary Denham and baby girl, Zoe...Bill Beutel & Lynn Deerfield...Jordan Charney & Barbara Caruso...Antony Ponzini & Mary Hamill...Fran Brill & Gerald Gordon...Alberta Grant...Nicolas Coster...Rita McLaughlin & Lloyd Bridges...Sammy Davis Jr. & Jean Arley...Matthew Tobin...Geraldine Court...Don Stewart...Peter Hansen, Ed Andrews, Mary Jackson & Father Harry Townes...Leon Janney, Jackson Beck & Santos Ortega...Christopher Reeve & Elizabeth Kemp...Bill Hayes, Gary Marshall and wife...Mike Hammet & Bobby Doran...Anthony Herrera, Tudi Wiggins and brother, Bill...Mike Douglas & Dyan Cannon...Dennis Cooney...Sasha Von Scherler & Paul Avila Mayer...Caroline McWilliams & Mart Hulswit...Roger Newman

Ruth Warrick's Glamorous Society Wedding
5-pages, Interview, near Full-Page Photo with husband, Jarvis Cushing
Six additional photos and a Cover Shot together

Interview with David Ackroyd of Another World
6-pages, near Full-Page Photo with daughter, Jessica
Seven additional photos plus a Cover Shot with family

Heather & Jerry - Bride And Groom On Somerset
Full-Page Feature, article and three candid photos featuring co-stars
Audrey Landers & James O'Sullivan
Plus a Cover Shot together

Interview with Lloyd Bremseth of The Doctors
4-pages, Full-Page Photo, two additional photos (one shirtless), plus a Cover Shot

You Can See Them In The Movies, 2-page article with candid photos featuring
Vincent Gardenia...Biff McGuire & Peggy McCay...Susan Sarandon & Robert Redford...Dabney Coleman

Interview with Millee Taggart of Search For Tomorrow
5-pages, Full-Page Photo with son, Matthew, four more photos with family
Plus a Cover Shot together

Kate And Ted Marry...Then Exit Love Of Life Smiling
2-page article, five candid photos featuring co-stars Sally Stark & Keith Charles

Interview with Kathy Glass of One Life To Live
5-pages, Full-Page Photo, one additional photo and a Cover Shot

A Promising Show Is Cancelled - Farewell To How To Survive A Marriage
Full-Page Feature, article and candid photos featuring
Tricia O'Neil...Rosemary Prinz...Michael Hawkins...Jennifer Harmon...Dino Narizzano and wife, Aileen...James Shannon and wife

Interview with Elissa Leeds of How To Survive A Marriage
4-pages, large half-page photo plus a screenshot

Interview with Ken Kercheval of How To Survive A Marriage
4-pages, six candid photos with real-life girlfriend, Jennifer Harmon
Plus a Cover Shot together

Edge Gives A Party And Says Farewell To Several Cast Members
Full-Page Feature, article and candid photos featuring
Donald May, Dixie Carter, Jay Gregory and wife...Johanna Leister...Bernard Barrow, Teri Keane & Erwin Nicholson...Herb Davis & Richard Shoberg

A Small Wedding For Tiffany And Noel - The Edge Of Night
Full-Page Feature, article and two candid photos featuring co-stars
Lucy Martin & Dick Latessa

Interview with game show host Nick Clooney (The Money Maze)
4-pages, large half-page photo, plus three more photos, including family

Game & Talk Show Hosts, news and candid photos featuring
Bill Cullen...Merv Griffin...Dinah Shore...Allen Ludden, Betty White, Jessica Walter & Ross Bowman

Inside Hollywood, news and candid photos featuring
Patricia Morrow...Susan Flannery...Brenda Dickson and mother & brothers...Jeanne Cooper and her dogs...Jennifer Leak & Charles Gray...Bill Hayes...Shelby Hiatt...William Gray Espy...Edward Mallory...Denise Alexander and her mother...Susan Brown & Edith North

Where They Are Now, news/updates and candid photos featuring
Jonathan Frid...Dorothy Stinnette, Donald Bishop & Dorothy Collins...Alexander Scourby & George Reinholt...Joel Grey & Susan Browning


Ken Kercheval and Jennifer Harmon Interview with Elissa Leeds (Rachel Bachman on How To Survive A Marriage

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