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Afternoon TV Stars July 1975
July 1975

Another World
4-pages of news and candid photos featuring
George Reinholt (four photos, plus a Cover Shot)...Beverly Penberthy...Jacqueline Courtney...John Considine...Susan Sullivan...Constance Ford

Interview with Jeanne Lange of Another World
2-pages; five candid photos

Search For Tomorrow
4-pages of news and candid photos featuring
Larry Haines & Mary Stuart...Val Dufour...Ann Williams...Mary Stuart, Andrea McArdle & Chris Lowe...Billie Lou Watt (six photos)

The Edge Of Night
3-pages of news and candid photos featuring
Alberta Grant...Mandel Kramer & Herb Davis...Lou Criscuolo...Ted Tinling

Soap Opera Wedding Album
Articles and candid photos featuring
Douglass Watson & Victoria Wyndham (2-pages, three photos)...Tom Hallick & Janice Lynde (2-pages, full-page photo, three more photos and a Cover Shot)...Edward Mallory & Susan Flannery (near full-page article, two photos)...Antony Ponzini & Marilyn Chris (2-pages, full-page color pinup, four more photos and a Cover Shot)

Ruth Warrick Weds Jarvis Cushing In Dream-Come-True Ceremony
7-pages; Full-Page Color Pinup together, head-to-toe shot at the wedding
Plus over a dozen additional photos including Warrick and wedding guests
Mabel Mercer...Kay Campbell...Agnes Nixon...Mary Fickett...Judith Barcroft

All My Children
4-pages of news and candid photos featuring
Stephanie Braxton...Paulette Breen...Bill Mooney...Francesca James

3-pages of news and candid photos featuring
James Congdon...Jane Rose...Tina Sloan...Audrey Landers

The Doctors
6-pages of news and candid photos featuring
Jim Pritchett and daughter, Laura...Sally Gracie...Joyce Becker & Michael Landrum...Elizabeth Hubbard denies divorce rumors...David O'Brien...Lydia Bruce...Carolee Campbell

Interview with Anthony Cannon of The Doctors
3-pages; candid inset photo with wife, Lucille

Tall, Dark and Sexy! Michael Zaslow of The Guiding Light
The Girls Go Ga-Ga Over Him, Even Though He's A Villain!
3-page article, candid inset photo

General Hospital
5-pages of news and candid photos featuring
Victoria Shaw (2 photos)...John Beradino and wife, Marjorie...Craig Huebing...Lucille Wall & Rachel Ames...Peter Kilman & Tamara Toumanova

The Young and The Restless
4-pages of news and candid photos featuring
Dorothy Green (3 photos)...Robert Colbert...Tom Selleck and wife...Trish Stewart & Jim Houghton...Brenda Dickson, Beau Kayzer & Jeanne Cooper...Jennifer Leak & Chris Whittaker

William Gray Espy's Movie Mystery
Full-Page Article, candid inset photo

One Life To Live
4-pages of news and candid photos featuring
Erika Slezak...Doris Quinlan...Shepperd Strudwick...Lisa Richards...Bernard Grant

Love Of Life
6-pages of news and candid photos featuring
Brian Farrell & Debbie Courtney...Sammy Davis Jr., Elizabeth Kemp, Ron Tomme, Audrey Peters & Courtney...Audrey Peters & Ron Tomme...Ray Wise & Diane Rousseau...Pamela Lincoln & Jonathan Moore...Tudi Wiggins...Birgitta Tolksdorf...Christopher Reeve

As The World Turns
5-pages of news and candid photos featuring
Marie Masters...Henderson Forsythe and wife & son...Don Hastings & Gillian Spencer...Barbara Rodell and son, Jonathan...Eileen Fulton (full-page color pinup)

Days Of Our Lives
4-pages of news and candid photos featuring
Kaye Stevens (full-page color pinup)...Wesley Eure & Gaye Taron...Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth Hayes (2 photos together)...Bill Hayes & Fanny Flagg...Susan Seaforth Hayes & James Brolin


All My Children star Ruth Warrick and husband, Jarvis Michael Zaslow (Roger Thorpe on the soap opera, The Guiding Light)

VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

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