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Movie World July 1974
July 1974

Oscar Winners '74 - large candid photos featuring
Jack Lemmon...Tatum O'Neal accepting her award from Charles Bronson & Jill Ireland...David Niven onstage with a streaker running behind him

Reel World, news/gossip and candid photos featuring
Linda Blair and her mother...Peter Falk and wife...The Carradine Family including Robert, Christopher, Keith, Joh, Bruce, David, Free and Barbara...Marie Osmond, Alan Osmond, Jimmy Osmond and their mom...Ricky Segall & Michael Jackson...Judy Norton, David Harper and his father...Eric Scott & Mary Elizabeth McDonough...Richard Thomas and friends...Roberta Flack & Mac Davis

Tony Rizzo's Fan Fare, news/gossip and candid photos featuring
John Wayne...Rock Hudson...James Cagney and his sister and niece...Tina Sinatra & Wes Farrell...Diana Ross and husband, Bob...David Janssen & Dani Greco...Ed Asner and son, Matt, and his friend...Esther Rolle...Dennis Weaver and wife...Stacy Keach and date, Marilyn Aiken...Max Von Sydow & Terry Moore

Cover Story - Lucy Cries: I Never Wanted A Divorce!
7-page article, nine candid photos (mostly group shots) featuring
Lucille Ball...Desi Arnaz...Lucie Arnaz...Desi Arnaz Jr.
Plus The Cover Shots

The Bittersweet Birth Of Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner's Love Child!
5-pages, Full-Page Photo together with the baby, plus two additional photos

An Inside Peek At Just One More Battle In The On-Going Struggle Of...
Jackie Kennedy & Aristotle Onassis
5-pages article, three large candid photos

Interview with actor Telly Savalas
4-pages, Full-Page Photo with girlfriend, Shelley, plus two additional photos
One shirtless riding a motorcycle

Mary Tyler Moore Shocked By Wedding Of The Man She Loves!
He Dates 19-Year-Old Girl Then Marries Another Woman
3-page article, no photos of Moore, two large candid photos of Gavin MacLeod and wife & daughter

Burt Reynolds' Brother Reveals The Startling Truth About His Childhood!
"I Did The Dirty Work...While Burt Played Around!"
3-page article, near Full-Page Photo featuring Reynolds and girlfriend, Dinah Shore

Elvis To Be Best Man At Pris' Wedding!
5-pages, Full-Page Photo featuring Elvis Presley & Priscilla Presley
Plus three additional photos, including her boyfriend, Mike Stone, and daughter, Lisa Marie

Sonny Bono - "She Called Me By Another Man's Name In Bed!"
5-page article, Full-Page Photo of Bono, half-page photo of Cher & David Geffen

Special Interview
Now That He's Quitting Hollywood, Tony Curtis Has No More Secrets To Hide
4-page Interview, large candid inset photo with wife, Leslie, plus one more pic together

TV's Top Detectives And The Illness They Share
Raymond Burr and Bill Conrad
3-page article, large half-page photos of each

Joanne Woodward Returns To Her Old Way Of Life!
4-page article, near full-Page Photo with husband, Paul Newman
Plus one additional photo with her daughter

The Night James Caan Was Confronted By His Ex-Mistresses!
4-page article, Full-Page Photo with girlfriend, Connie Kreski, plus two additional photos

The Drug Ann-Margret Must Take In Order To Have A Baby!
4-page article, Full-Page Photo with husband, Roger
Plus another half-page shot with her husband, her mother and mom's boyfriend

David Carradine Possessed! The Man Who Guides Him From Beyond The Grave!
4-page article, Full-Page Photo with girlfriend, Barbara Seagull
Plus another large candid inset photo, and a shot of the late Bruce Lee


Interview with Telly Savalas David Carradine Possessed!

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