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Afternoon TV Stars June 1977
June 1977

Each soap opera has it's own section with news/gossip and candid photos featuring

Search For Tomorrow
Michael Nouri & Melissa Manchester...Joel Higgins full-page color pinup...Val Dufour & Mary Stuart...Millee Taggart, Meg Bennett & Billie Lou Watt...John Cunningham...Ann Williams...Drew Snyder and wife & son

The Young & The Restless
Brenda Dickson full-page color pinup plus a Cover Shot...David Hasselhoff...Robert Colbert and wife, Dottie...Tom Hallick, Jeanne Cooper and her son, Collin...Brian Kerwin 2 photos

Another World
Constance Ford...Michael Ryan & Beverly Penberthy...Susan Sullivan & David Bailey...Victoria Wyndham...Rolanda Mendels...Susan Harney...Bobby Doran & Mike Hammett...Lionel Johnston

One Life To Live
Nancy Pinkerton...Doris Belack and husband, Philip...Stephen Austin 4 photos...Jordan Charney and wife, Nancy

Love of Life
Veleka Gray...Audrey Peters...John Aniston and wife, Nancy...Ron Tomme...Jerry Lacy...Michael Allison & Richard K. Weber...Amy Gibson

The Doctors
Glenn Corbett...Elizabeth Hubbard...Lydia Bruce

General Hospital
Patsy Rahn...Bobbi Jordan, Gavin McCleod & Jed Allan...Gerald Gordon...Richard Dean Anderson

The Edge of Night
David Gale...Louis Turenne...Tony Craig...Denny Albee...Linda Cook...Ann Flood...Lou Criscuolo & Maeve McGuire...Forrest Compton...Patrick Horgan...Frances Fisher...Irwin Nicholson & Dorothy Stinette...John LaGioia & Patricia Conwell

Ryan's Hope
Bernard Barrow 2 photos...Justin Deas & Ilene Kristen 2 photos together

All My Children
Kay Campbell, Ray MacDonnell, Karen Gorney, Nick Benedict, Mary Fickett & Larry Keith full-page photo together...Karen Gorney & Robert Perault...Francesca James...Susan Lucci and husband, Helmut...Nick Benedict & Jennifer Semier...Judith Barcroft & William Mooney

Days Of Our Lives
Lucille Ball, Richard Guthrie & Bill Rogers...Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth...Kaye Stevens & Brenda Dickson...Bill Hayes, Susan Seaforth, Brenda Dickson & David Hasselhoff...Bennye Gatteys & Arthur Rubenstein...Susan Seaforth & Kathleen Johanson...Deidre Hall full-page color pinup

Lovers and Friends
Dianne Harper, Bob Purvey, Rod Arrants & Patricia Estrin full-page color pinup together...Richard Backus, Vicky Dawson & Patricia Englund

Interview with Jennifer Harmon of One Life To Live
Jennifer Talks About Her Life, Loves and Expectations
3-pages; Full-Page Photo and additional photos

Interview with Julia Barr of All My Children
Julia Talks About Sex, Religion & Politics
3-pages; Full-Page Photo

At Home With Helen Wagner of As The World Turns
5 large candid photos, plus a Cover Shot with husband, Robert

Interview with Frances Fisher of The Edge of Night
"I was really depressed before I met Jerry..."
4-pages; 4 large candid photos

Interview with Maureen Garrett of Guiding Light
"The New Holly"
4-pages; 3 large candid photos plus a Cover Shot

Interview with Dan Hamilton of Another World
"Dan & Stephanie"
4-pages; 7 candid photos, including wife Stephanie Braxton

Pictorial featuring AMC star Larry Fleischman
Near Full-Page Photo and additional photos, plus a Cover Shot


Interview with Jennifer Harmon (Cathy Lord, OLTL) Deidre Hall (Marlena, DAYS) Interview with Frances Fisher (Deborah Saxon, Edge of Night

Cover is becoming loose; otherwise, the contents are in VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

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