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Afternoon TV Stars June 1976
June 1976

Interview with Kelly Wood of As The World Turns
4-pages, Full-Page Color Pinup plus two additional photos

Days Of Our Lives News
This Month's Guest Columnist: Patty Weaver (Trish Clayton)
5-pages, Full-Page Color Pinup of DAYS star Wesley Eure
Additional candid photos featuring Weaver, Eure and
Adrienne LaRussa (plus a Cover Shot)...Bill Hayes, Susan Seaforth & Bennye Gatteys...Macdonald Carey & Lois Kraines...Michael Dwight Smith & Nannett Medellin...Ruth Buzzi

Interview with Ketty Lester of Days Of Our Lives
3-pages, Full-Page Photo plus one additional photo

All My Children News - 5-pages with candid photos featuring
Ruth Warrick (six photos) and Richard Van Vleet (four photos, plus a Cover Shot)

As The World Turns - 4-pages with candid photos featuring
Marie Masters (4 photos, plus a Cover Shot)...Clarice Blackburn...Kathyn Hays (full-page photo)

Search For Tomorrow News - 5-pages with candid photos featuring
Meg Bennett (full-page photo plus three additional photos)...Mary Stuart (two photos)...Paul Dumont

The Guiding Light - Candid photos featuring
Mart Hulswit (three photos, plus a Cover Shot)...Lenore Kasdorf (three photos)

Interview with Millette Alexander of The Guiding Light
3-pages, three candid photos

Love Of Life News - 6-pages with candid photos featuring
Pamela Lincoln...Audrey Peters, Ron Tomme, John Aniston, Birgitta Tolksdorf, Jerry Lacy & Tudi Wiggins...Liz Kemp...Jerry Lacy (near full-page photo)

Interview with Nancy Pinkerton of One Life To Live
5-pages, Full-Page Photo plus four additional photos

General Hospital News
This Month's Guest Columnist: Judy Lewis (Barbara Vining)
5-pages with candid photos featuring Lewis and
Don Matheson & Deanna Lund...Emily McLaughlin & Rachel Ames...Mamie Van Doren & Stacy Baldwin...McLaughlin & Ron Ellison...Ames & Barry Cahill

The Edge Of Night - Candid photos featuring
Mandel Kramer (near full-page photo, plus one more with wife, Ruth)...Niles McMasters and wife...John Driver & Gayle Pines

Interview with Dick Latessa of The Edge Of Night
4-pages, six candid photos with family

The Doctors News - 3-pages with candid photos featuring
David Elliot...Jennifer Houlton...Gerald Gordon

Interview with Geraldine Court of The Doctors
3-pages, including a Full-Page Photo

Ryan's Hope News, 5-pages with candid photos featuring
Gale Sondergaard (four photos)...John Gabriel (full-page photo)...Bernard Barrow...Justin Deas

Somerset News, 2-pages with candid photos featuring
Jameson Parker (4 photos)...Bernard Grant and wife, Joyce

The Young & The Restless News
This Month's Guest Columnist: Beau Kayzer (Brock Reynolds)
Full-Page Color Pinup of Kayzer (plus a Cover Shot) and additional photos of
Brenda Dickson and mother, Irene...Jaime Lyn Bauer & Henry Winkler...David Hasselhoff & Cheri Nicklaus...Bennye Gatteys, Dick Dunlap, Brenda Dickson and boyfriend, Robert...Jeanne Cooper and husband, Harry...Tom Hallick, Jaime Lyn Bauer, John McCook & Janice Lynde (full-page photo together)...Janice Lynde & Dick Dunlap...Beau Kayzer & Jeanne Cooper

Another World News, 5-pages with candid photos featuring
Susan Harney (full-page color pinup, plus a Cover Shot)...Cathy Greene...Victoria Wyndham and husband, Wendell...David Bailey (three photos, including wife & son)


Interview with Millette Alexander (Dr. Sarah MacIntyre on The Guiding Light) The Young & The Restless News

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VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.