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Daytime TV - June 1975
June 1975

The Latest News, candid photos featuring
Susan Lucci has a baby daughter...Billie Lou Watt...Richard Shoberg...Richard Thomas marries Alma Gonzalez...George Reinholt & Florence Wallach (2 photos together)...Leon Russom & Andrea Marcovicci...Virgina Dwyer...Jordan Charney and wife & kids...Mart Hulswit...Birgitta Tolksdorf & Christopher Reeve...Christopher Allport & Anna Levine...Johanna Leister...Mary Stuart & Audrey Peters...Eileen Fulton...Ken Kercheval...Kenneth McMillan, Christopher Walken & Kathryn Walker

Interview with Janice Lynde of The Young & The Restless
5-pages; Full-Page Photo, four more photos (bikini), plus a Cover Shot

Interview with Peter White of All My Childen
3-pages; Full-Page Photo and a Cover Shot

Interview with Veleka Gray of How To Survive A Marriage
4-pages; Full-Page Photo, one more photo, plus a Cover Shot

Forrest Compton Almost Buys A Boat...And Charges It To Daytime TV
2-page pictorial; seven candid photos, plus a Cover Shot

Another World - Rachel and Mac Have Secret Wedding
2-page article, three candid photos featuring co-stars
Victoria Wyndham & Douglass Watson

Interview with James Luisi of Another World
3-pages; Full-Page Photo

Interview with Marie Masters of As The World Turns
4-pages; eight candid photos with kids, plus a Cover Shot

One Life To Live - Wedding Bells For Vince and Wanda
Full-Page Feature; three candid photos featuring co-stars
Antony Ponzini & Marilyn Chris (Plus A Cover Shot)

Interview with Brenda Dickson of The Young & The Restless
3-pages; four candid photos with family, plus a Cover Shot

Inside Hollywood, news and candid photos featuring
Patty Weaver...Rachel Ames & James Sikking...Susan Flannery...Jeanne Cooper and kids...Trish Stewart & William Gray Espy...Tom Selleck, Rod McCary and date...Peggy McCay & Peter Hansen...Kaye Stevens & Lambert Holm...Bill Hayes...Martin West & Shelby Hiatt...Victoria Shaw and son, Jordan...Frances Reid, Macdonald Carey, Ron Husmann, John Clarke & Burt Douglas

It's The Second Time Around For Chris and Larry - How To Survive A Marriage; Full-Page Feature; three candid photos featuring co-stars
Jennifer Harmon & Ken Kercheval

Where Are They Now? News and candid photos featuring
Donna Mills...Patricia Breslin...Sasha von Scherler & Christopher Walken

Mike Douglas Meets The Doctors
Full-Page Feature; two candid photos featuring Douglas and
Geraldine Court, Elizabeth Hubbard, Anthony Cannon & Jerry Lewis

Interview with Pamela Lincoln of Love Of Life
4-pages; Full-Page Photo plus three additional photos

Emily McLaughlin Gets Hollywood Actresses Together
Full-Page Article, large candid inset photo featuring McLaughlin and
Karen Gorney, Trish Stewart, Patty Weaver, Suzanne Rogers,
Rachel Ames
and Jeanne Cooper

Interview with soap stars and real-life brothers
Bob Hastings & Don Hastings
3-pages; three candid photos


Interview with Janice Lynde (Leslie Brooks on the soap opera, The Young & The Restless) Interview with Marie Masters (Susan Stewart on the soap opera, As The World Turns)

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